Help for the Holidays - Fan made poster

Here's a fan made poster for Hallmark Channel's Christmas movie 'Help for the Holidays', featuring the elf from Santa's village Christine Prancer, played by Summer Glau, and her love interest Dave Gabriel, played by John Brotherton.

While the main story is this elf helping a family find their Christmas spirit, those who have read the full synopsis know that the romance between Christine and Dave plays an important role in the movie. Since Hallmark has chosen to completely ignore the romance (and John Brotherton at the same time) both in the promo trailer and behind the scenes video, i have decided to fix that in the movie poster.

Just a few more days until you'll find out if Summer Glau suddenly goes all River Tam on the Vancamp family and starts tearing down the Christmas decorations. Meanwhile, enjoy Summer's smile in her elf costume :


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The caption on top was originally posted on Twitter by our friend @MichaelLKeller1
As the owner of the rights, Hallmark Channel does not bother to add pictures or movie poster to the IMDb page for their movies. That said, it would be great if IMDb picks up this movie poster, don't you think?
UPDATE : my cute lill movie poster is now the official movie poster for 'Help for the Holidays' at The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) :

Help for the Holidays movie poster at IMDb

As an aside, here's a Christmas card i made a few weeks ago : 


'Help for the Holidays' premieres on Hallmark Channel on Sunday, December 9 at 8/7c.
The photo and logos used in the fan made poster are copyright of The Hallmark Channel.
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 04 Dec 2012, 16:21 GMT [Entry]

The color filter i used isn't complying with Hallmark's colour coding, which is using bright colors, but i thought the movie poster came out better this way tongue

  Message #2 | robbo | 04 Dec 2012, 18:25 GMT [Entry]

what a great poster, of summer glau and john brotherton. what a lucky guy he must feel he is in winter wonderland, putting his arms round summer glau, and getting a kiss under that mistletoe, or is it looks like it not sure with the colours in the background, anyway great shot of the two of them together, countdown not long now. wink smile

  Message #3 | KevinInEngland | 04 Dec 2012, 21:24 GMT [Entry]

Love interest? He looks like her father.

  Message #5 | Choupy | 04 Dec 2012, 22:40 GMT [Entry]

The Christmas card is nice, good job ! and this movie poster is really good, I think that "IMDb" could take her.


  Message #8 | KevinInEngland | 05 Dec 2012, 04:45 GMT [Entry]

I checked out a few Elf facts. Of course there are lots of Norse myths and other countries have their ideas, varying from 'light' elves who are basically good & converse 'dark' elves who occupy the underground areas. They are supposed to be immortal but they can die in battle or of a broken heart. So in essence, Summer could be a 1k year old Elf and might die of a broken heart if her love interest ditches or leaves her for any reason. I wonder if that includes when he dies, say 60 years from now? A bit like swans. Whatever the case, perhaps Christine (the elf) would not consider age quite such a factor.
After all you youngies out there, ***oldies find well matured ladies quite attractive & vice versa (although I suspect that wealth might be a factor for the latter)***.

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