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Hawaii Five-0: Fight scene and stunt double

POSTED BY chrisdvanne ON Feb 07, 2013 / 4 COMMENTS

As soon as we learned that Summer Glau would play a woman involved with an underground fight ring on Hawaii Five-0 3.16 'Kekoa' (meaning "Warrior" in Hawaiian), fans  were expecting Summer's character Maggie Hoapili to take part in the fightings. Here's a little taste of what you may see on Monday's episode of Five-0. Let me sum up what we know about Summer Glau's fight scenes and stunt work on Hawaii Five-0 so far.
UPDATE: Summer Glau's stunt double in Hawaii Five-0 is Renae Moneymaker, who was also the double of Jennifer Lawrence in "The Hunger Games, Catching Fire" and in "X-Men Days of Future Past" (Watch Renae Moneymaker's 2014 Stunt Reel below).
Everyone has in mind River Tam's fight scenes in Joss Whedon's Serenity; Summer performed many of their own stunts and, as a trained ballerina, used her dancing skills in River's two amazing fights.
Watch the BTS video of the fight scenes rehearsal:
While the type of movements required for the role of a Terminator was completely different, Summer had also a lot of fight scenes and stunt work to do in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles; Summer had a stunt double of course but she performed herself as many stunts scenes as she was allowed to by the production.
Watch Cameron vs Rosie fight rehearsal footage:
Summer Glau's character punchy background on Hawaii Five-0 took on a completely new dimension when H50's stunt coordinator Jeff Cadiente posted online a photo featuring guest star Joel de la Fuente (2nd from the left), Summer Glau, martial artist Keith Jardine (bold, bearded guy), Jeff himself (making the "shaka" gesture) and his stunt team on the set; this one:

On Set

Summer's role was further specified by CBS's press release for the episode - Summer Glau will play Maggie Hoapili, the daughter of a Lua (Hawaiian hand-to-hand combat) master - and the promo trailer released shortly after showed that Maggie was indeed going to fight in the arena, even if it's against her will.
Now that we know Summer Glau has a fight scene in the episode, fans would be interested to find out whether she performed her stunt herself or not.
Let me tell you this: there is no way H50 production team is letting her guest star for one episode take the slightest risk to be injured and possibly harm the tight filming schedule of a tv show. Hawaii Five-0 is an action packed serie and they have an experimented stunt team led by the no less experimented Jeff Cadiente.
The very same Jeff Cadiente put it diplomatically in a recent tweet when asked:
As seen in the promo trailer above, Summer's female opponent and Keith Jardine both appear on Jeff Cardiente's group photo (respectively next to Summer and in the middle); the only other female present in this group photo, on the right, has the same facial features and the same hair as Summer (but not the same build, lol); there's a good chance that she is also Summer's stunt double, don't you think?
UPDATE: the woman on the right is Renae Moneymaker, Summer Glau's stunt double in Hawaii Five-0. You can watch her stunt scenes in Hawaii Five-0 at 0:34 of her stunt reel.

As a conclusion, the fact that the stunts are performed by Jeff Cadiente's stunt team and the fact that the talented and experimented Larry Teng directed the episode allows me to think that those fight scenes will be amazing and i'm sure that Summer Glau portrayed perfectly this strong and challenging character, as she always does. And if you're still not convinced, this still from the episode, posted by H50's showrunner Peter Lenkov himself, should: not only has it epic written all over it (love Summer's pose) but it could also mean that Maggie Hoapili wins the fight.

Promo Stills

Now i hope you're as excited as I am to watch next Monday episode at 10pm on CBS.
Other actresses who have played an undergroung fight ring scene on tv:
  • Yvonne Strahovski  in Chuck s04ep09 "Chuck Versus Phase Three"

Yvonne Strahovski in Chuck s04ep09 Chuck Versus Phase Three

  • Erica Durance in Smallville s06ep17 "Combat"

Erica Durance in Smallville s06ep17 Combat

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Total comments: 4

  Message #1 | KevinInEngland | 2013 Feb 07, 17:17 GMT

I was only teasing when I suggested that the fearful Summer Glau was pleading not to be thrown in to the 6' swimming pool on the grounds that if she never did it, she wouldn't receive any money. I was also teasing when I suggested that when she landed they had to take her away on a stretcher using the helicopter to ferry her away for 3 hours. (I've just added the helicopter bit because I always associate Hawaii Five-0 with helicopters). 3 hours later, poor hobbling Summer Glau was bought back with her ankles bandaged up and told to kick ass, or else.
How's that ?!

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne | 2013 Feb 07, 17:41 GMT

We have learned to do with your unique way to look at things, even if we don't always share it wink

I have similar problems due to my imperfect knowledge of English and my failed attempt at humor; people don't always understand what i mean and it can be distracting from the main message.

In this Blogpost, i wanted to emphasize on the gap between the expectations of the fans and the reality of the job as an actress.

  Message #3 | KevinInEngland | 2013 Feb 08, 00:09 GMT

Of course. There is a difference between American humour and English humour. I am aware that many English so-called funny TV series make me ashamed of what Americans must think of us, especially with canned laughter for something that is not in the least funny.
The same applies to American comedies. There are some that I like and others that I think are crap.
There are American comedies that Summer likes. I like the fact that she likes 'New Girl' but not 'The Big Bang Theory' which I hate.
I find that some of her fans like the converse American humour (in their eyes).

The same applies to the TV series that Summer chooses to appear in. I was not a lover of Alphas and I will never watch Hawaii Five-0.
She chose 'Help for the Holidays' and 'Inside the Box'. Perhaps not everybody liked them? Who knows.

I know many fans want to see Summer doing kick-ass roles. I don't mind her doing kick-ass but I'd rather she did a 1996 version of Titanic (none of the OTT action, which James Cameron incorporated and was OTT, if people were to admit it). The earlier Titanic film had it's emotional and well acted role performed by Catherine Zeta-Jones. This is only one example and, as Summer said herself, a period film would be something she would definitely choose.

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne | 2013 Feb 08, 11:16 GMT

I know many fans want to see Summer doing kick-ass roles.

I would add "in sci-fi series/movies".

Summer is trying to play new roles, and to reach out to new, more mainstream audiences, such as in Grey's Anatomy or Hawaii Five-0. I don't mind either if she's doing kick-ass role in the process.

That we highlight the fight scenes should not obscure the fact that H50 is a cop procedural drama, which means that Summer will probably have emotional scenes as well.

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