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Gwen Holds Up a Shiny Blade in Knights of Badassdom Cover Art Variant

Following the saga of the Knights of Badassdom movie poster has sharpened my eye, thus allowing me to spot this cover art variant on the Australian Blu-ray and DVD releases.
In the Australian cover art, you can see from left to right Jimmi Simpson, Summer Glau, Ryan Kwanten, Peter Dinklage, Steve Zahn and Danny Pudi, like in the U.S. version. But the difference is that Summer Glau's character Gwen is holding up her shiny sword with her two hands (the Photoshop work is very bad by the way) and her head is turned in the right direction. The look of the back cover is completely new and features prominently Peter Dinklage's character Hung.
Check out the Australian cover arts in all their LARPing gory (er, glory) below. An image of the U.S. Blu-ray cover is displayed next to the Australian covers to allow a comparison between them.
Knights of Badassdom Australian Blu-ray front coverKnights of Badassdom US Blu-ray front cover
Knights of Badassdom Australian Blu-ray back coverKnights of Badassdom USBlu-ray back cover
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The KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM are here to save the world, in this madcap medieval comedy. Game of Thrones Peter Dinklage,Ryan Kwanten,Steve Zahn and Summer Glau star as a group of role playing misfits who must do battle against a real world threat from another dimension.
Knights of Badassdom is available in Australia on Blu-ray for AUD$31.77 and on DVD for AUD$27.23 at
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