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Grey's Anatomy : Is Owen cheating on Christina with Summer Glau ? - Reviews

POSTED BY chrisdvanne ON Feb 24, 2012 / 2 COMMENTS

Summer Glau in Grey's Anatomy
Check the News page for clips and screencaps of the episode; you're also invited to leave a comment below, or on the news page or on the forum thread.

What did the websites specialized on tv thought about this episode of Grey's Anatomy and what did they have to say about Summer Glau's guest spot?


Janalen Samson for buddy tv
Finally, Cristina Yang is unraveling before our eyes. Feeling more and more disconnected from Owen, she begins to suspect that he is cheating on her, most likely with an attractive nurse played by Summer Glau (Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles). Putting aside my confusion as to why GA bothered to cast Summer Glau only to not have her utter a single word, let me say that I don't believe the real point of this story was cheating. 

Catriona Wightman for digital spy
Elsewhere, there's more from Cristina and Owen after their tough counselling session last week. Cristina's got it in her head that Owen's cheating on her, which does provide some funny moments as she stalks guest star Summer Glau around the hospital, convinced she's sleeping with him (and bumping into Meredith along the way).

Alex Cranz for FemPop Magazine
My fellow nerds I apologize on behalf on Grey’s Anatomy fans. I know the two sides don’t often meet. One is really into space cowboys and lady robots learning to love and the other side is into doctors and melodrama and portmanteaus. You Summer Glau lovers no doubt tuned in to see her be all super awesome like she is and were deeply disappointed when she was essentially Bo Derek in 10. Her walking down the corridor in scrubs was the Grey’s Anatomy version of the "perfect woman for boning.”
All she really did was smile, look nice, touch Owen’s arm and manage to miss Cristina robotically stalking her all episode–I guess Cristina was just mimicking Glau in Terminator? I don’t know. So if you tuned in and were disappointed I’m sorry.

It was a tough week for Cristina, as she spent the entire hour growing more and more convinced that Owen was cheating on her with Summer Glau on "Grey's Anatomy" (Thu., 9 p.m. EST on ABC). To keep things mysterious, Glau didn't speak a word during her guest turn, adding fuel to the skulking and spying that Cristina was doing. By the end of the hour, she seemed more convinced than ever, but no definitive answer had been given as to whether or not he was cheating on her, or just treating her rather poorly.

Courtney Morrison for TV Fanatic
"I Don’t Have Time!”
So Cristina is thinking that Owen is cheating on her. Is she wrong in thinking this? Absolutely not. The signs are there. He isn’t coming home at night, the nurse changed her schedule, they are going through a rough patch. But would Owen actually cheat? Not so sure. This is a good arc to give these two. Kudos to the writers for what is looking to be a well developed story for the broken couple.
The nurse in question was guest star Summer Glau. I have seen her in a handful of things, but each time they showed her I couldn’t help but think "Man, she looks like Winnie Cooper.” Anyone else out there think that?
Here is hoping that she sticks around for a few more episodes, at least until we see resolution from this new arc. If she doesn’t, then what a waste of a guest spot. Did she even have any talking lines?

Christina Dowling for E!Online
Honorable Distrust:
Cristina didn't spend much time doctoring this week, instead she was stalking the very pretty  nurse played by Summer Glau. Are we the only ones with a problem that Summer Glau guested and didn't even open her mouth? What is up with that? Anyway, it's far too easy to pass off Owen's (Kevin McKidd) angry and dismissive behavior towards Cristina as cheating.

Nathalie Abrams for TV Guide
Is Owen cheating on Cristina?
That was this big question in this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Cristina worrying that her husband's eyes were wandering actually drove her insane. But that was the least of the insanity this week as Adele nearly burned her and Richard's house down and attacked a live-in nurse. Oh boy. Check out the top moments from this week's episode:
It's Summer in Seattle: Finally Summer Glau made her Grey's debut. The producers had kept her role hush-hush and we now see why. Turns out she's an overly friendly nurse who Cristina thinks is cheating with Owen. When Cristina tries to rekindle her marriage in an on-call room, Owen shuts her down. She later rifles through his stuff to look for evidence that he's cheating, but comes up empty handed.

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Total comments: 2

  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Feb 24, 13:26 GMT

The title of this blog post is a little ironic of course wink

  Message #2 | Connie C. Khan | 2012 Apr 17, 14:48 GMT

wonderful post.Never knew this, regards for letting me know.

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