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Summer Glau to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy at wetpaint

"Get ready for another big Grey's Anatomy guest star. According to a tweet from Shonda Rhimes, geek dream girl Summer Glau will appear during Season 8.

The slender, ethereal Summer is a favorite among cult TV junkies. She's especially known for her roles on Joss Whedon's Firefly and Dollhouse, as well as for playing the most adorable Terminator ever in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. 

There's no word on what role she'll be playing yet, but we're excited to see Summer on one of our favorite shows!"

Geekdom Hottie Summer Glau to Guest on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ at daemon's tv

"The geekdom has been high-alert since the news broke yesterday that Firefly-Serenity (and all around geek goddess) actress Summer Glau will be making an appearance on the long-running ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.

The news actually first broke via a post by series creator Shonda Rhimes on Twitter late Monday when she announced the casting of Glau and, soon enough, the net was all aflutter with the news..."

'Grey's' Welcomes 'Firefly' Vet at

"Firefly star Summer Glau is well-versed in the world of science-fiction and fantasy television...and we love her for that. But she's not opposed to trying out something a little more grounded in a reality other than that of the Serenity. Glau will make a guest appearance on Grey's Anatomy."

Summer Glau to guest on 'Grey's Anatomy' at Digital Spy

Summer Glau in Grey's Anatomy

"...Rhimes then added: "Love table read days! We have Summer Glau as a guest star!"

Glau has previously appeared in shows such as Firefly, The Unit, The 4400, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Cape and Dollhouse.

She also recently signed up for the lead role in TNT's pilot Scent of the Missing, which focuses on a Search and Rescue volunteer who solves crimes with the help of her dog."

Summer Glau Lands Guest Star Role on Grey’s Anatomy; How ‘Bout a Starring Role? at Buzz Focus

"...So there you have it, Glau fans. She’ll be in another guest-star role.

But, you know what would be really awesome?

A lead role.

Glau’s played anything from sci-fi legend River Tam, a test subject and child prodigy, on Serenity to a freakin’ Terminator on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I mean, how is that for diversity and talent? Don’t mind me if I gloss over The Cape, I don’t want to relive that unfortunate series.

So all you network execs out there who love casting Glau in guest star roles, keep doing your thing. She’s great and deserves those roles. Just remember, it would be "really awesome” if you put her in a leading role.

Glau is one of the most down-to-earth celebs you will ever meet on the Hollywood scene and with egos always on the rise, I can’t help but support..."

Grey's Anatomy: Geek Goddess Summer Glau Checks In! at E!Online

"Grey's Anatomy is courting the fanboys!

Creator Shonda Rhimes sent the Internet into a bit of a tizzy when she tweeted that Summer Glau, she who is beloved by Joss Whedon (see: Firefly, Dollhouse, etc.), would be making a guest appearance in an upcoming episode.

So who is the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles alum playing? Here's what we can tell you..."

Snippet from E!Online Spoiler Chat :

"How about that the awesome and insanely talented Summer Glau, she who is loved by Joss Whedon, is set to guest star on an upcoming episode!"

Casting Bits: Summer Glau Goes 'Grey's', Joe Jonas Gets 'Hot in Cleveland'  at Buddy Tv

"Summer comes to Seattle Grace: Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes made a Twitter announcement saying Summer Glau will be appearing in an upcoming episode. TV Line reports that there aren't any details about her character yet, so we'll just wait and see."

Summer Glau to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy at Tv Fanatic

"Summer Glau is on her way to Seattle Grace.
The actress - best known for sci-fi roles on programs such as Dollhouse, The Cape and Alphas - will guest star on an upcoming episode of Grey's Anatomy. In what capacity? Creator Shonda Rhimes did not say, simply Tweeting that the actress was at a "table read" today."

Summer Glau Will Guest Star On Grey's Anatomy at Television Blend

"...Now they’ve nabbed yet another awesome guest star, super-cool hottie Summer Glau, to add to the mix...

...She already has an impressive television resume with turns on the ill-fated but fan-adored Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and a guest spot on The Big Bang Theory. Glau is also appearing in the TNT pilot Scent of the Missing, about a K-9 search and rescue volunteer and based on a true story...

...While there is no word yet on what role Glau will play and how she will fit into the tangled web of dramatic storylines that is business as usual on Grey’s, she is an actress who has a way of making an impression and will likely do so in her appearance. The episode has already begun production, so we won’t have too long to wait to find out."

Summer Glau joins 'Grey's Anatomy' for episode 816 at zap2it

"Summer Glau has one of the coolest television resumes ever, and now she's upping the ante yet again with a guest-starring appearance on "Grey's Anatomy.""

'Grey's Anatomy' Enlists Summer Glau at The Hollywood Reporter Live Feed

"...The Firefly and Dollhouse fan favorite will guest star in a February episode of the ABC medical drama from creator Shonda Rhimes, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed...

The actress, whose recent work includes a guest turn on CBS' The Big Bang Theory, NBC's short-lived super hero drama The Cape and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,...
...and continue Grey's track record of attracting strong guest stars."

Grey's Anatomy Scoop: Summer Glau Checks In at TVLine

"Winter’s not even half over yet Grey’s Anatomy already has Summer on the brain.
Summer Glau, that is.
The actress — whose cult fave-packed resume (Firefly, Dollhouse, Sarah Connor Chronicles) has made her goddess of fanboys everywhere — will guest star in an upcoming episode of Grey’s, series creator Shonda Rhimes announced on Twitter late Monday."

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  Message #1 | Blazius | 24 Jan 2012, 19:50 GMT [Entry]

"An injust but so true snippet at AfterElton :"

Unjust describes these statements better though.

First, why would every Summer Glau fan be Whedon fan? TSCC fans here are more numerous for example. Also I don't have to like the whole show to like Summers episode. Summer is somebody who can make an episode great all by herself and seeing her playing is just as awesome as seeing a super cool episode in itself. And to understand Summers character I may be interested in at least prior episodes too.

So I don't have to "force" myself to watch it.

Other snippets are wonderful and supporting towards Summer which is very good to read, thanks for collecting!

  Message #2 | Blazius | 25 Jan 2012, 20:26 GMT [Entry]

Yeah, thats very cheap that they are spamming this "fanboys dream girl" thing all the time( are the fangirls invisible or what) . Still they are all supportive so I won't complain, we can't expect better I guess.

They'll never understand that people love Summer because of her talents and her sweet and kind personality, not because of her looks( of course we also appreciate her beauty too but thats no way the first thing why we love her so much)

  Message #4 | Fermi | 24 Jan 2012, 14:38 GMT [Entry]

Thank you great work collecting this.

  Message #5 | chrisdvanne_ | 24 Jan 2012, 15:01 GMT [Entry]

An injust but so true snippet at AfterElton :

Summer Glau is headed to Seattle Grace for a story arc. I'm trying to imagine the Whedon loyalists forcing themselves to watch Grey'S Anatomy and pretend they like it to support Glau, like they do all of Joss' favorites.

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