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Geek Monthly January 2008

POSTED BY chrisdvanne ON Dec 31, 2011 / 4 COMMENTS


Geek Monthly Magazine published in its January 2008 issue a two pages interview of Summer Glau, illustrated with pictures; she explains how she addressed her role as Cameron in Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Geek Monthly January 2008 - HQ Scans

Click on image for larger size (then right-click to zoom)
 Geek Monthly January 2008Geek Monthly January 2008Geek Monthly January 2008Geek Monthly January 2008
Gallery link:
Magazine Scans > Scans from 2008 > Geek Monthly January 2008


Geek Monthly January 2008


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Total comments: 4

  Message #1 | Blazius | 2012 Jan 01, 16:46 GMT

Lol, it seems that Summer has a little daddy complex when she chooses partners. I read that it has advantages and disadvantages too. Its good because it indicates that her daddy loves her very, very much, she was his princess and she is even now( and she'll be always no matter how mature she gets). This gives her stability obviously and confidence.

On the other hand typical women with strong daddy complex tend to be too dependent on their male partner in a relationship or males in general( Joss Whedon might be an example)and they are repressing their femininity a bit( through Summer always voices that she is a girly girl). Through Summer is anything but a typical woman so this may or may not apply to her.

Through in all cases its still very good that her family plays such an active role in her life. It serves as an anchor to her which always there to cling to no matter what happens. And their support of Summer to let her do what makes her happy is very nice.

There are parents who wouldn't approve of Summer's job choices I think. Dancing and acting or other arts are tended to be looked down upon often saying thats not a proper job.

But the Glau family understood that Summer wants to do that and they always supported her in her choices ever since she was a little girl( other parents would have dismissed her wishes as childish fantasy and forced her to learn a more regular profession).

And it wasn't only approval but they are even pushing her when she is unsure what to do like in the case of the Cameron audition(through her sisters helped there too but thats just gave her even more support on top of her parent's support). I think a child couldn't want more from her parents when it comes to support. And Summer seems to repay that by making them proud and never crosses the line which'd embarass her family and she constantly tries to make them proud of her. And this agreement between them is our greatest luck I think.

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Jan 01, 13:56 GMT

You'll notice Geek Monthly magazine made a typo : they printed "64.Summer Glau" in the table of contents whereas the articles starts at page 54 tongue

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne | 2011 Dec 31, 18:02 GMT

About the weight of Summer Glau's family in her life taken from Men's Health

Quote (Summer Glau)
My daddy. He's so masculine—a manly man—and he's a caring, sensitive guy. It's a magical combination. I'm so lucky to have grown up with that...I like pretty conservative guys, good guys, she says. I always look for the qualities I find in my father...I love it if a man makes an effort to get to know my parents and sisters. Getting to know the people who matter to me goes a long way.

  Message #4 | Blazius | 2011 Dec 31, 16:34 GMT

I like it when she talks about watching Terminator movies with her dad and that he bought the movies for her so she can prepare for the role.

It indicates how much her family supports her in her work. I think thats the most important thing why our Summer is such a sweet and fantastic person and why she has such a strong resolve.

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