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Firefly Trading Cards: Episode Cards

10 Jul 2013
chrisdvanne 0 Comments

Inkworks released on May 2006 'Firefly: The Complete Collection Premium Trading Cards', a 72-card set based on Joss Whedon sci-fi television series, Firefly.

Joss Whedon captivated viewers with a unique sci-fi western with intriguing characters and an innovative visual style. First a broadcast serie, it continued to gain loyal audience with its DVD offering and feature film sequel. Now re-live all the excitement of these original 14 episode, as Captain Reynolds and his eclectic, adopted family of outcasts take on the challenges of a galactic frontier.
Find below scans of the Firefly episode cards featuring Summer Glau as River Tam:

Firefly Trading Cards: Episode CardsFirefly Trading Cards: Mysterious stowawayFirefly Trading Cards: Eluding the AllianceFirefly Trading Cards: Simon and River are abducted by fearsome locals who desesperately need a doctor

Firefly Trading Cards: Doctor or delivererFirefly Trading Cards: Even as Simon treats the local population, River is accused of being a witchFirefly Trading Cards: Bringing River backFirefly Trading Cards: River displays some remarkable shooting skills

[Firefly trading cards]

You can watch the eleven character cards (front and back) in a previous Blog post.

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