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Firefly - Serenity Illustrated Posters

16 Feb 2012
chrisdvanne 0 Comments

Designer Caroline Moore has published on Etsy four amazing Firefly/Serenity artwork.

"Fans of the series may notice that they don’t exactly scream ‘Verse, style-wise. I wanted to give them sort of a ’50s sci-fi vibe, a la "The Blob” or "Forbidden Planet."

Digital print of a series of Firefly episode posters - 11" x 14"
(click on images for larger size)

Serenity/Firefly Themed Illustrated Poster

 Browncoat artwork
$12 USD

The Train Job - Firefly Illustrated Poster 

Browncoat artwork
$12 USD

Bushwhacked - Firefly Illustrated Poster

"This one went a bit toward the morbid and creepifying, but hey, it's a dark episode folks."

Browncoat artwork
$12 USD

"Can't Stop the Serenity" Pittsburgh Poster 2011

"Event poster created for Pittsburgh's Can't Stop the Serenity Event. Each year, cities around the world hold screenings of the Serenity movie, with proceeds benefiting Equality Now. You can find out more about the event at"

Browncoat artwork
$5 USD

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