Firefly listed in TV Shows Cancelled Before Their Time by Empire magazine

The announce by Fox of Terra Nova's cancellation has created a shock on the entertainment business. Not that it will be missed that much but it was the biggest hyped new tv show of the Fall and seing it prematurely cancelled highlights once again the fatal destiny of sci-fi shows on broadcast networks.

Empire website took this opportunity to list 16 tv shows (not all sci-fi btw) which were cancelled before their time, including Joss Whedon's Firefly as well as Deadwood, Caprica or Dead Like Me.

"Now that the Spielberg-produced Terra Nova has been consigned to the great dinosaur graveyard in the sky, we cast a respectful eye back over those milestones of modern television that were never given the chance to find their full potential. Pray stand and let us have a minute’s silence as we remember fallen friends, brutally cut down in their prime."

Firefly - Cast and Director Joss Whedon

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