Firefly Cupcake for Summer Glau at ECCC

A baker from Seattle made Summer Glau a custom cupcake at Emerald City Comicon. Here's the picture of Summer holding the cupcake (before eating it) :


Firefly Cupcake for Summer Glau at ECCC

[Summer Glau at Emerald City Comicon]

She also wrote nice words about Summer on her blog :

Summer Glau first caught my attention in the Firefly series as River Tam, and she’s held onto my attention ever since then.  I’ve always wanted to meet her in person to see how much of her personality matched the amazing characters she’s played on TV.  Many people at the Emerald City ComicCon were amazed at how tiny Summer Glau was in person, but I was more amazed by how big her co-star Adam Baldwin is.  I’m always in awe of people who combine multiple talents into one.  In Summer Glau’s case I enjoy the way she incorporates her skill as a dancer with the characters she plays, and that’s why I decided she deserved a cupcake.
Source : Summer Glau Cupcake Serenity at CakeKitty


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