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Firefly Comic Book Ad - 2002

08 Sep 2012
chrisdvanne 0 Comments

Firefly FOX Promo 2002

Original print advertisement for the launch of Firefly on FOX in September 20th, 2002, featuring Nathan Fillion as Malcolm Reynolds.
This ad was printed on a comic book (Automatic Kafka No. 3) and measures approximately 6 1/2" by 10". Find below a UHQ scan of the ad print. 
The comic book advertising gave a weird representation of the show though, why show a real firefly bug instead of the ship, not to mention the font :-)



'Firefly Comic Book Ad 2002

FOX also made a tv spot that echoes the tag line of the ad :
If you thought the creator of Buffy gave new blood to vampires, wait 'til you see what Joss Whedon does to space!

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