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Firefly 15th anniversary video tribute by the original VFX team

Firefly VFX team made the best anniversary video in the 'Verse
Firefly VFX team made the best anniversary video in the 'Verse

Watch Captain Mal and the Serenity crew aim to misbehave in this Firefly 15th anniversary tribute video made by  Zoic - the special effects studio that worked on the show back in 2002. 

The video features several VFX highlights and beloved one-liners from the series, as well as some new shots of Serenity drifting off into space created specifically for this tribute (opening sequence).



Zoic Studios released the video, along with a statement saying:

In honor of the 15th anniversary of Joss Whedon’s cult sci-fi favorite “Firefly,” we've launched a reel that celebrates the epic journey of Serenity and its valiant crew. The compilation highlights some of the best VFX work on the beloved show, which launched Zoic in 2002 and earned an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Visual Effects for a Series.” We dug into the archives to create this commemorative reel, rebuilding Serenity with the original team and put together a shiny new sequence followed by an assembly of some of the most beloved and quotable moments of the franchise.


Firefly never got a chance to really spread its wings. I was kind of hoping they’d do something with the Firefly Online video game when they got the original cast all back but the project is in limbo. Guess we’ll just have to leave Mal and the crew of the intrepid Firefly transport Serenity off to have adventures in our imagination.

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