FarPoint 2007 Convention Firefly's Summer Glau art print

A little known fact is that Summer Glau was announced for the 2007 Farpoint convention, held in Hunt Valley, Maryland on February 16-18 but has had to cancel her appearance because of professional commitments to a new television series, that will turn out to be the filming of Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles' s pilot (Summer Glau was later replaced at the con by Firefly’s "Shepherd Book", Ron Glass).

The convention's producers commissioned artist Sean Pence to create an exclusive Summer Glau portrait, based on characters from Joss Whedon's tv show Firefly. It is with great pleasure that i share with you a picture of this exclusive limited edition Firefly's Summer Glau art print.
Only 150 of these 8x10 black & white prints were made; each print has been hand signed and numbered, 120/150 in this case, by the artist Sean Pence.

FarPoint, Maryland - February 16-18, 2007

And if Summer Glau's expression in the print looks familiar, it's because the artist found his inspiration from a well-known  Serenity promo poster :

Serenity HQ promo

You can find more Serenity art in the Gallery.
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