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Meeting Summer at Armageddon Expo

POSTED BY chrisdvanne ON Jun 13, 2012 / 0 COMMENTS

Summer Glau attented the Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo held at the Aotea Centre in Auckland New Zealand, October 21-23 2006. Other media guest came from shows like Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Babylon 5.
Joff got a photo op with Summer and two pictures from Firefly signed.
click on images for larger size
Meeting Summer Glau at Armageddon Expo, Auckland 21-23 October 2006Meeting Summer Glau at Armageddon ExpoMeeting Summer Glau at Armageddon Expo
Here's his report of Summer's panel (i added links to the pictures mentioned) :
Summer Glau's sessions were probably the best attended and best received. The first one started with Bill (the expo organiser) acting as compere encouraging everyone who wanted a photo to come forward and get the shots out of the way at the beginning. So she was immediately mobbed by a good-natured crowd of camera-wielding fans.
She started off by thanking the fans, saying that the film was made possible largely by our support. She also said she liked the New Zealand fans, as we were all gentle and polite, and she was much more comfortable with the welcome she received here than the overwhelming audience reaction she was used to in the States. The crowd was actually quite boisterous for a Kiwi audience, so heaven knows what kind of thing she's used to.
She was asked about how uncomfortable the pose used for the Serenity publicity photo was. This led on to a story about the famous "splits on the ceiling" scene. Her stunt double just couldn't physically hold the position, so Summer herself had to do it for all the test shots and set up and whatnot. Not only did she have to stay up there during multiple takes, but it was too much difficulty to get her down, and so she had to hold the position in between takes while camera angles and so forth were being changed.
When asked what her favourite line was, she thought for a moment and then said, "I can kill you with my brain."
She told a good story about meeting Nathan Fillion (who plays the captain of the Serenity) for the first time. He was handing out cups of water to people when she arrived for some test screenings, and so at first she thought he was one of the set crew. Then a little later she bumped into him coming out of the audition room, and realised that he was an actor. "How did it go?" she asked. "Don't worry," he said, "I don't think we're going for the same part."
There is a great scene near the end of Serenity where River is standing still and strong, surrounded on all sides by Reavers. Someone asked Summer what she was thinking while shooting that scene. She replied, "The light is behind me - I wonder if my dress is see-through?"
When asked about how she first got involved with Joss Whedon, she talked about the audition she did for an episode of Angel. She was convinced that the audition was going badly, and that Joss was making fun of her. She was worried about her lack of experience. At the time she had no acting credits and only a few musical credits. Joss turned over her CV, looked at the section on previous experience and said, "Chorus of 'Paint Your Wagon'. So that's where you've been hiding."

Here are a few more pictures from the event :

Summer Glau at Armageddon Expo, Auckland 21-23 October 2006Summer Glau at Armageddon Expo, Auckland 21-23 October 2006Summer Glau at Armageddon Expo, Auckland 21-23 October 2006Summer Glau at Armageddon Expo, Auckland 21-23 October 2006

Summer posed for a photo with littleheaven70 :
She's quite a surreal wee thing, like a china doll. I think she felt a little overwhelmed, but I gather a lot of people who meet her at cons get that impression.
Summer Glau at Armageddon Expo, Auckland 21-23 October 2006

Summer was one of the guest of honour at Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo, Wellington New Zealand on 29th-30th April 2006, as shown in the event poster below, but she pulled out at the last minute.
Summer Glau at Armageddon Expo, Auckland 21-23 October 2006
You can find more pictures of the convention in the Gallery.

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