Famous Actors as Comic Book Characters : Summer Glau as X-23 !

Website Comic Book Ressources ask their readers a question every week and their blog sketch artists will pick some of the suggestions and post a drawing in the "The Line It Is Drawn!" section.

This week topic was :

Dream casting! Pick a famous actor that you’d like to see portray a comic book character and our artists will draw said actor/actress as that character. What would a Clark Gable Superman look like? Or a Michael Caine John Constantine? Stuff like that.

starpilotsix suggested: Summer Glau as X-23

Steve Howard is the artist for this one; here's his drawing :

click on image for larger size
Summer Glau as X-23 

For the other suggestions and drawings : THE LINE IT IS DRAWN #84 – COMIC BOOK DREAM CASTING
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 05 Apr 2012, 15:46 GMT [Entry]

The lack of originality in the choice of comic book character is however counterbalanced by the sense of humor smile

  Message #2 | TerminatorEmily | 17 Nov 2012, 00:53 GMT [Entry]

Summer Glau would make a perfect X-23! She could be in X-force with Wolverine! biggrin

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