Deadly Honeymoon Videos and Clippings

Watch the trailer for Deadly Honeymoon and the bonus wedding video of the bride and groom's special day, before they go on their honeymoon, as well as scans from clippings published in tv magazine for the release of Lifetime Movie Network's drama on April 25, 2010.


Lindsey and Trevor, before Trevor was terminated.

Summer Glau and Chris Carmack in Deadly Honeymoon
Summer Glau and Chris Carmack in Deadly Honeymoon


Can you say what's wrong with this other picture? (the answer is provided under the picture)

Deadly Honeymoon Clippings

Yes, you nailed it! While the big photo on the right shows Summer's co-star Chris Carmack, the small photo on the left shows...her real life (at the time) boyfriend, who was also on set.
The complete series of on set photos and the story that goes with them can be found at: Deadly Honeymoon - Wedding scene in paradise


And now the videos:



On the same subject, take a peek at some exclusive promotional images for Deadly Honeymoon, featuring a lovely and tanned Summer Glau, her co-star (and unfortunate husband in the movie) Chris Carmack and all the protagonists of the Lifetime Movie Network's thriller, at : Deadly Honeymoon Promo Photos

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