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Cowboy Boots are a Summer Essential

Summer Glau in cowgirl attire for a photo shoot by Joan Allen.
Summer Glau in cowgirl attire for a photo shoot by Joan Allen.
Summer Glau and these boots are made for walking, a heartwarming love story, illustrated with numerous photos of Summer Glau wearing (mostly cowboy) boots.
Summer Glau is a native from the heartland of San Antonio, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that Summer, being from Texas,  is wearing cowboy boots most of the time. As Summer Glau recalls with an interview for Esquire magazine:"I pretty much wear cowboy boots and jeans every day. When I moved here [Los Angeles], I thought, I'm gonna reinvent my style, but it didn't stick."
Being an actress brings with it numerous obligations and with Summer being such a classy woman she likes to wear glamorous dresses on the red carpet. But when she attends other events such as conventions, she likes the more cool and casual approach for these events, from her wardrobe take for instance she likes to wear her hipster jeans with just maybe a casual looking top and still looks out of this world and gorgeous. As an aside, Summer is not “performing” when at conventions, hence her casual look and style, which provides an opportunity for a more personal level of contact with the fans.
Because of troublesome niggling injuries to her feet when she was a dancer, shoes are uncomfortable and very painful for her to wear (read the next paragraph on that topic). She has said that boots, specifically cowboy boots, are more comfortable and pleasant for her.




Our member Brandon met Summer Glau at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle back in April 2012 and he had the opportunity to ask Summer Glau a question on her feet injuries during her panel. 
I asked him to give his testimony on his meeting with Summer:
There's her famous quote, before "Serenity" hit theaters: "I think the thing I like about River is that she gets to be barefoot so much of the time. I don’t like shoes very much"
For the record though, although she liked the idea of River being barefoot, she said on Twitter (for the Alphas chat) that she prefered wearing combat boots because "the grates to the ship were quite sharp on my feet."
When i asked her about her foot injury at Emeral City Comic Con 2012, if her foot healed, she responded, "It did heal. I was a pretty serious ballet dancer. I had very bad tendonitis in my heels, and I broke one of my toes when I was 18. But, I kept dancing on it, broken, because I didn't want anyone to have my roles.  So, I just kept dancing on it, and it never healed. And, the tendonitis got so much worse that there came a point where I couldn't move my foot. And when you're that age and you're that competitive, and you take the time off, you lose a lot of ground. My foot eventually healed, it still hurts quite a bit, like if it gets cold. I have arthritis too. I've had arthritis since I was 12, in my toes. But I can dance in short spurts, and every show I've been on has me dance around a little bit."
As you can well imagine, Summer”s passion for boots seems to be stipulated by choice of clothes and feasible reasons as well. 
We have collected photos of Summer Glau wearing boots at different public events, or during photo shoots:
Summer Glau Boots - Mugshots by Joan AllenSummer Glau Boots - Starfury Serenity, LondonSummer Glau Boots - Starfury Serenity, London 29th April - 1st May 2005Summer Glau Boots - Creation Entertainment - The Sci-Fi Summit: The Grand Slam Show, Pasadena,CA - March 11, 2006
Summer Glau Boots - Starfury the White Room, London 29-31 October 2004Summer Glau Boots - Writer's Strike : Mutant Ennemy Day, Los Angeles - 07 Decembre 2007Summer Glau Boots - Luxury Lounge prior to SAG Awards in Beverly Hills - January 27, 2008Summer Glau Boots - TSCC Meet and Greet at Golden Apple Comics Los Angeles - September 13, 2008
Summer Glau Boots - Creation Entertainment: Salute To Firefly , Burbank - November 23, 2008Summer Glau Boots - WonderCon San Francisco - March 1st 2009Summer Glau Boots - Starfury T1 April 24-26 2009 - BirminghamSummer Glau Boots - FedCon 18, Bonn - May 1-3, 2009Summer Glau Boots - StarFest Convention - Denver, 17 April 2010
Summer Glau Boots - Emerald City Comicon March 31 - April 1, 2012Summer Glau Boots - Emerald City Comicon March 31 - April 1, 2012Summer Glau Boots - Emerald City Comicon March 31 - April 1, 2012Summer Glau Boots - Dallas Comic Con May 19 - 20, 2012Summer Glau Boots - Wizard World Portland Comic Con, January 24 - 25, 2014
Summer Glau Boots - FHM photo shoot
The photos above are taken from the following events (left-to-right, top-to-bottom): Mugshots by Joan AllenStarfury Serenity, London 2005 (2 photos),  The Sci-Fi Summit: The Grand Slam Show, Pasadena 2006Starfury the White Room, London 2004Writer's Strike : Mutant Ennemy Day, Los Angeles Decembre 2007Luxury Lounge prior to SAG Awards in Beverly Hills - January 2008TSCC Meet and Greet at Golden Apple Comics Los Angeles - September 2008Salute To Firefly , Burbank - November 2008WonderCon San Francisco - March 2009Starfury T1 April 2009 - BirminghamFedCon 18, Bonn - May 2009StarFest Convention - Denver, April 2010Emerald City Comicon March 2012 (3 photos), Dallas Comic Con May 2012Wizard World Portland Comic Con, January 2014, photo shoot for FHM Top 100 Sexiest Women.
A famous Austrian actor (and also a former Californian Governor) simultaneously shares with Summer Glau the same passion for boots. That the two of them have both played a Terminator respectively on the big and small screen is maybe not just a coincidence but just pure fate. 
Arnold Schwarzenegger cowboy boots
“I need your boots, your boots, and your boots!"


Thanks to Brandon for his contribution to this blog post that is merely intended to give you a reason to smile. I hope you enjoyed it and of course you can leave a comment below. Two other blog posts on Summer Glau boots in Firefly/Serenity and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will follow.
This blog post was written jointly robbo and yours truly.
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