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Box Office: Knights of Badassdom has Modest Opening

Knights of Badassdom got off to a modest start at the box office in its opening day. Exhibitor Relations Co., a source for movie-industry related data and box-office numbers, has tweeted the horror comedy's opening numbers (see below).

"Bad Ass" might have been overselling it a bit--fanboy fave KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM rolled out w/ just $17,449 at 13 sites--$1,342 per.

From my understanding, these box office numbers are not from the Tugg screenings, since the ticketing is managed by Tugg and not the theaters. They are more likely to come from the limited, non Tugg-related, theater release of Knights of Badassdom that started on January 24, 2014. The number of sites - 13 - mentioned in the Tweet matches the number of theaters playing the movie on the opening day, btw. It should also be recalled that in most cases Knights of Badassdom was not screened all day but at specific hours of the day.

Knights of Badassdom Tugg screening numbers

The team behind Knights of Badassdom has released a few days ago a picture (on the left)  that adds up the number of fans who reserved a ticket for a Tugg screening, starting on January 21, 2014. Here too, the numbers are modest since a Tugg screening is scheduled at a specific day at a specific time.

As I wrote in the the Review of Knights of Badassdom Launch Campaign, the producers don't want to spend money on the marketing/advertising and are simply trying to recoup some of the money which has been spent financing the movie. Most of the buzz generated after the Knights of Badassdom panel at Comic Con 2011 fell flat and the film has been released with little fanfare. If, and that's a big if, the main actors are not promoting the movie because it's not the movie they signed up for and they have chosen to stand by Joe Lynch and not get involved in the PR, as online bloggers from specialized in horror websites told me, it could not have been very different.


These financial concerns should not stop fans from seeing the movie whenever they got the chance to see it in theater, On Demand or on DVD/Blu-ray. The horror comedy starring Ryan Kwanten, Peter Dinklage, Danny Pudi and Summer Glau has a +76% audience rating over at Rotten Tomatoes and an IMDb rating of 8.8/10 from 1,678 users.  The feedback from lucky fans who have seen the movie is really great. It seems they thoroughly enjoyed the movie and laughed throughout.they enjoyed they saw on the big screen; read fan's reaction we have collected at Knights of Badassdom Screening Impressions.


Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn, Peter Dinklage, and Summer Glau lead a stellar ensemble in Knights of Badassdom
Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn, Peter Dinklage, and Summer Glau
lead a stellar ensemble in Knights of Badassdom.

And if you plan to see the movie, don't forget to take a look at the Knights of Badassdom featurette with Summer Glau released recently.


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