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Blade Runner from 1982 consistently finds itself at the top of most "best science-fiction films". The film was directed by Ridley Scott from and written by Hampton Fancher and David Peoples.

The movie takes place in Los Angeles in 2019. Humans have started manufacturing organic robots. These are called replicants and are almost impossible to distinguish from ordinary people. The replicants are used as slaves by the people. After a series of bloody revolts. The replicans are banned from earth. Replicants that defy the ban are hunted down and killed (retired) by police special operatives known as "Blade Runners".

Ridley Scott and Hampton Fancher are now in talks about to make a sequel will they pull of the same trick twice and make a belated sequel to Blade Runner a success as well. posted some info and some speculations about the project (and an awesome fanart). One of the 5 top suggestions in the article is that Summer Glau should play a replicant in the movie.

Read the article:

You can vote and post your suggestions on what would be the best role/genre for Summer? In this thread.

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  Message #1 | REG | 13 Jun 2012, 05:45 GMT [Entry]

a sequel to Bladerunner?! oh yes! Summer playing a replicant would be great!

  Message #2 | Hicks | 13 Jun 2012, 11:57 GMT [Entry]

2 words. HELL YEAH!!!

Did you guys hear? That Ridley Scott says the lead is going to be female! Which means that Summer could play the lead! Which would be awesome!!!

  Message #3 | REG | 14 Jun 2012, 12:25 GMT [Entry]

OMG!! if she is chosen it will be so awesome, it's beyond words!!

  Message #4 | The1Russter | 17 Jun 2012, 04:29 GMT [Entry]

Another person I'd like to see is Ben Browder (Farscape & SG1) as one of the new generation of Blade Runners. He's always kind of reminded me of Harrison Ford and I could totally buy him in a similar role.

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