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Admirator on: New candid picture of Summer

chrisdvanne on: New candid picture of Summer

Admirator on: New candid picture of Summer

chrisdvanne on: New candid picture of Summer

chrisdvanne on: GQ Photo shoot update

chrisdvanne on: GQ Photo shoot update

chrisdvanne on: GQ Photo shoot update

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Arrow Producers Wanted To Bring On Isabel Rochev Into Season 1

POSTED BY chrisdvanne ON Oct 12, 2013 / 4 COMMENTS

The guys at Fan Voice got the chance to chat with writer/executive producer Marc Guggenheim about what’s coming in Arrow Season 2.
Isabel Rochev and Oliver Queen in Arrow 2x01 'City of Heroes'
Oliver Queen and Isabel Rochev in Arrow 2x01 'City of Heroes'.
Check out what he has to say about Summer Glau's character Isabel Rochev below. We learn for example that Arrow executive producers wanted to bring on Isabel Rochev as soon as in season one.
Fan Voice: You’ve got a bunch of new characters this season, and we’ll get to Flash because of course we have to, but let’s talk a little bit about Isabel (Summer Glau).
Marc Guggenheim: Isabel is actually a character we wanted to bring on into Season 1, and as with a lot of ideas we had for Season 1, even though we had twenty-three episodes, we still had more ideas than we had episodes. When we talked about ideas for Season 2, one of the things we wanted to was put Oliver in a different situation with respect to his non-Arrow life than we explored in season one, and that was to have him be more involved in Queen Consolidated. In thinking about that, we remembered this character Isabel Rochev, who in the comic was a corporate antagonist to Oliver at Queen Consolidated, and we kind of liked the idea that Oliver as Oliver Queen is facing someone who doesn’t like him, who isn’t loyal to him who he can have a sort of complex relationship with that is independent of his existence as The Arrow. We want Oliver Queen’s life to be as interesting as The Arrow’s life. Isabel gives him that.
To support this statement, you may recall that Isabel's name appears in George Queen' book of corrupt people that Oliver is hunting down ever since he has come back from the island (see screencap from the pilot below):
Isabel Rochev has failed Starling City
Summer Glau's Isabel Rochev has failed Starling City.
Arrow executive producer Andrew Kreisberg mentioned that the fact that Isabel was on that list will be addressed later on during season 2.
It's gonna be really interesting to see which way the Isabel and Oliver relationship is heading. It seems sparks starts to fly between Oliver and Isabel, judging by the clip from an upcoming episode of Arrow unveiled recently.
Don't miss the next episode of Arrow titled "Identity" on The CW on Wednesday, October 13 at 8pm.

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Total comments: 4

  Message #1 | dylangillian | 2013 Oct 12, 19:19 GMT

i'm curious about what will happen when oliver finds out that isabel is on the list.

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne | 2013 Oct 12, 20:30 GMT

That's a good question. We KNOW it will be addressed.

  Message #3 | KevinInEngland | 2013 Oct 13, 13:52 GMT

I don't think fans should expect Isabel to suddenly appear in mask, tights and an unusual weapon. I don't believe she is that kind of person. She is a CEO and will use her 'JR' cunning and ingenuity to thwart Oliver at every turn. Possibly making his life real damn miserable.
That's how I see her role in the series. She will be very entertaining in that role. IMO

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne | 2013 Oct 14, 00:50 GMT

My thoughts exactly!

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