Arrow: Deathstroke meets another Terminator

Summer Glau as DC Comics character Isabel Rochev in Arrow

Arrow's writers have introduced an intriguing new character in season 2, the alluring Isabel Rochev, played by the no less attractive Summer Glau.
But executive producer Marc Guggenheim has revealed in May 2013 that two major villains will appear in Arrow season two: "We'll have two big bads. They'll both be very recognizable names to fans of the comic book. We're really excited about both of them.
Marc Guggenheim, of course, didn't reveal the identities of these villains, but he did tease a "Malcolm-esque big bad and a Dark Archer-esque big bad."
We might assume that Deathstroke will be one of Oliver Queen's new antagonists, all the more so Manu Bennett, who plays Slade Wilson on the CW hit, has been promoted to series regular for Season 2.

Manu Bennett plays Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke the Terminator in Arrow

Bennett’s Slade currently appears during the island flashbacks as Oliver’s ally. In the DC Comics, the character eventually becomes Arrow’s nemesis Deathstroke.
On the other hand, Summer Glau's role sure sound Big Bad-like, all the more so Oliver Queen defeated Malcolm Merlyn aka The Dark Archer in the season one finale, thus leaving room for the "Malcolm-esque big bad" hinted by Guggenheim.
The long version of DC comics supervillain known as Slade Wilson is "Deathstroke the Terminator", which is funny when you remember that one of Summer Glau's most iconic role is the reprogrammed Terminator known as Cameron in the tv series "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles".
From Wikipedia:
Deathstroke the Terminator first appeared in 1980, in the second issue of the book New Teen Titans. He was originally introduced as "the Terminator", a mercenary who was completing the terms of a contract undertaken by his son Ravager, but he quickly became one of the main antagonists for the Titans. Deathstroke quickly became a fan favorite character...Due to his popularity, Deathstroke received his own series, Deathstroke the Terminator, in 1991...Even though the character of Deathstroke the Terminator predates James Cameron's film The Terminator by four years, the Slade Wilson character is now simply called Deathstroke, even by characters who had called him Terminator for years. The full title has not completely fallen out of use, having been referenced as recently as Justice League Elite.

Deathstroke the Terminator meets another Terminator on Arrow

It looks like the writers of Arrow have come up with an intriguing storyline for season two and I’m looking forward to seeing how Oliver Queen will battle this pair of villains.  Arrow returns on the CW on Wednesday, October 9, 2013.

UPDATE: Summer Glau will play a DC comics villain in the final episodes of the second season. Check out the first official photos of Summer as Ravager.

The title for Arrow 2x01 has been revelead, along with more infos; check them in the News.

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