Arrow 2.04 Titled Crucible

Episode 2.04 of Arrow will be called “Living is Not for the Weak”  "Crucible", according to SpoilerTV.

As of today, we don't know if Summer Glau will appear in this episode. According to the shooting schedule, the cast and crew of Arrow are still filming episode 2.03 'Broken Dolls'. 


Summer Glau's character Isabel Rochev is telling Oliver Queen off on Arrow
Summer Glau's character Isabel Rochev is telling Oliver Queen off
on Arrow.

If you have any idea about what this puzzling and intriguing title means for the protagonists of Arrow, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section under this Blog or in the dedicated Forum thread.

There's not much we know about Summer Glau's character Isabel Rochev - still, you can read the latest informations revealed by Arrow producers; but we do know that Summer Glau will appears in the season premiere, titled "City of Heroes". You can see glimpses of her in the trailer unveiled at this year SDCC.

So stay tuned for more informations. If you haven't already watched the first season of Arrow, there's still time to catch up.
Don't miss Summer Glau in the second season of Arrow, premiering on Wednesday, October 9 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 05 Aug 2013, 21:45 GMT [Entry]

Was it something that Slade Wilson said to Oliver on the Island? Yao Fei said something similar.

Or is it refering to a situation in the present time, in Starling City? Could be Summer Glau's character Isabel Rochev taking over Queen Consolidated.

Many possibilities.

  Message #2 | dylangillian | 05 Aug 2013, 23:32 GMT [Entry]

i think this episode will mainly focus on the island, probably about oliver being trained by slade wilson/deathstroke.

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