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Joseph Flowers on: Guess whose birthday it is today!

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robbo on: Guess whose birthday it is today!

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Angel - DVD commentary by Joss Whedon

POSTED BY chrisdvanne ON Apr 21, 2013 / 4 COMMENTS

Angel - DVD commentary by Joss Whedon

I've put together in a video all the commentaries by Joss Whedon on the scenes with Summer Glau in Angel 3.13 'Waiting in the Wings', taken from the DVD's special features. This episode of Angel was Summer Glau's first acting role.
Angel's Waiting in the Wings was written and directed by Joss Whedon himself, who provides insightful commentaries on Summer Glau herself, the way the ballet scenes were filmed and tons of trivias, including Whedon's two favorite shots from the episode.


Angel - DVD commentary by Joss Whedon


[Watch more screencaps in the Gallery]

A Wesley fantasy scene was filmed in which Amy dances the role of Giselle while Wesley clumsily tries to dance around her. The scene had to be cut due to time considerations, but is on the Season 3 DVD as a deleted scene.

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Total comments: 4

  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 2013 Apr 22, 08:30 GMT

Joss Whedon commentaries are always the best.

  Message #2 | Talon | 2013 Apr 22, 18:20 GMT

I've always liked listening to his commentary on his work. The guy's a solid writer and director. He's helped launch a lot of Whedenverse actors and actresses into mainstream Hollywood. Let's not give up faith that Summer can get that break she needs. Even if it being back on a TV series as a recurring role or one of the main roles. Personally I think that she'd kick ass in the Walking Dead.

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne | 2013 Apr 22, 20:06 GMT

Your untiring enthousiasm is refreshing and is also a great source of encouragement for us to continue keeping this site updated.

Thank you so much friends

  Message #4 | Talon | 2013 Apr 23, 06:08 GMT

Thanks Chris
I think it always comes from a love of sci fi and that Angel, Buffy, Firefly, and a ton of other shows have been at the top of my list. Also Joss Whedon's work is amazing and how he got Summer to be River was always awesome.
It also inspires me as a writer. Just to have those ideas and see how Whedon helped out the careers of those who were just more than coworkers, they were family and with the untimely demise of Firefly they always had each other's backs.
I've always respected Summer as an actress because, she is really down to earth. She's the kind of girl  that you want to go conventions to and wait in line for that few seconds just to see what she's like in person. Personally, I'd probably act like an idiot and try to ask her out. That's just me though.
Another reason is with her work in Inside the Box. I know what it's like for secrets to be kept from someone and when it does come out your whole entire world is blown away. Everything you know is turned upside down and you're left standing there like what just happened and how do I go back to normal? It never does go back to can only move on.
The reason is my Dad has stage 4 brain cancer and right now it's like how do I deal with this. I never had a parent this sick before and especially with cancer. Seeing the trailer for ITB and Summer's performance helps me deal with that in a way; but just...I don't know...something about that film just helps. That's why we should support Inside the Box as Fans and know that Summer did this short for VERY good cause.
I wish that I could actually tell Summer that. I really do.

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