Angel - DVD commentary by Joss Whedon

Angel - DVD commentary by Joss Whedon

I've put together in a video all the commentaries by Joss Whedon on the scenes with Summer Glau in Angel 3.13 'Waiting in the Wings', taken from the DVD's special features. This episode of Angel was Summer Glau's first acting role.
Angel's Waiting in the Wings was written and directed by Joss Whedon himself, who provides insightful commentaries on Summer Glau herself, the way the ballet scenes were filmed and tons of trivias, including Whedon's two favorite shots from the episode.


Angel - DVD commentary by Joss Whedon


A Wesley fantasy scene was filmed in which Amy dances the role of Giselle while Wesley clumsily tries to dance around her. The scene had to be cut due to time considerations, but is on the Season 3 DVD as a deleted scene.
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 22 Apr 2013, 08:30 GMT [Entry]

Joss Whedon commentaries are always the best.

  Message #2 | Talon | 22 Apr 2013, 18:20 GMT [Entry]

I've always liked listening to his commentary on his work. The guy's a solid writer and director. He's helped launch a lot of Whedenverse actors and actresses into mainstream Hollywood. Let's not give up faith that Summer can get that break she needs. Even if it being back on a TV series as a recurring role or one of the main roles. Personally I think that she'd kick ass in the Walking Dead.

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