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chrisdvanne on: GQ Photo shoot update

chrisdvanne on: GQ Photo shoot update

chrisdvanne on: GQ Photo shoot update

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Alphas - Zoe's favorite color

POSTED BY chrisdvanne ON Oct 31, 2012 / 0 COMMENTS

Choice of colors is very important in a scripted tv show and Alphas is no exception. I'd like to focus a little bit on Skylar/Zoe's colors in the serie.

First, let me copy a post i made last year when Skylar and Zoe appeared for the first time in Alphas s01ep06 'Catch & Release' (see Easter eggs and other (hidden) messages in movies/tv shows). Then we'll see if the second season of Alphas brings new elements on the matter.
The minute i saw the following season one promo picture of Summer Glau in Aplhas, i suspected that this red/yellow bag was more than a simple bag; it's too big and too flashy, contrasting with Skylar's dark clothes, and Skylar carries it too pointedly not to have a hidden signification.

Alphas Production Stills


Some could say it's just handy to carry Skylar's electronic toys, but a smaller, not so flashy, bag would have been a better in this case. Please refer to a previous post, if you're not convinced about the importance of the colors on a tv show set.

I have looked for other similar colored elements in the episode and have find some disconcerting ones (see screencaps below); i have kept only the elements that were obviously placed on purpose by the production designer imo, and left some others because red and yellow are primary colors that you can find in numerous elements of the set or on the streets for example.

Zoe and Skylar in AlphasZoe and Skylar in Alphas

Zoe and Skylar in AlphasZoe and Skylar in Alphas

You'll notice in the screencaps that most of the time you find three colors: red, yellow and orange. Those colors are not showed furtively, the camera lingers on it which meand the director wants them to be noticed by the audience
Facts are that these bright, hot colors are associated with Skylar and her daughter Zoe: her bag, her appartment, the market where she's hiding, the sun just before a scene with her, her daughter's room, clothing and even her cuddly toy.
That was for season one, but what about the Skylar/Zoe scenes in season two? We know the second season was quite different from season one, Syfy hired a new showrunner, the general tone was darker and more edgy, the format was more serialised; could this have an influence on the way Skylar/Zoe are depicted?
Well it seems Zoe and Skylar wear the same colors in s02ep06 'Alphaville', i.e. dark tones for Skylar and colorfull ones for Zoe. Alphas's wardrobe department even made Zoe wear the same floral yellow dress that she wore in season one, they simply bought it in larger size.

Zoe and Skylar in AlphasZoe and Skylar in Alphas


I asked Robert Hewitt Wolfe, one of Alphas writers, about Zoe's favorite colors :
Question : Why is orange Zoe's favorite color? Red, yellow and orange are her colors on Alphas.
Robert Hewitt Wolfe : Because our costume designer genius Susie Coulthard says so! Plus Zoe represents hope for the future. 
Here are a few remarks on s02ep12 'Need to Know' (this is the last episode we see Zoe, she is not in the season finale).
After all we've said about the importance of colors, Skylar' flower dress in her first appearance in this episode was very disturbing for me (the other disturbing elements of that scene are mentioned in  previous blogpost : Alphas Writers Tribute to The Cape
You'll notice the continuity in Zoe's clothing (and fluff's color) though.

Zoe and Skylar in Alphas


And in case anyone is unsure about the importance of the orange color, Zoe herself says it to Vince when he brought her a popsicle, "Orange. My favorite".

Zoe and Skylar in Alphas

From what i've seen in season two, if Alphas gets a third season, it looks like Zoe's color could evolve from orange to green. See you then for another post.

If you want to learn more about Alphas's costume designer Susie Coulthard, you can read an article on the choice of clothing for Laura Mennell's character : 'Alphas' Laura Mennell: 'It's like dressing a model' at ZapIt



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