Alphas - Erin Way on meeting Summer Glau

Summer glau as Skylar Adams in Syfy's Alphas


Erin Way (see promo picture below) is the newest addition to the Alphas team in Syfy's action-drama Alphas. She describes her character, named Kat, as a woman with an extraordinary ability that takes its toll on her mind. “Her special ability is that she can basically learn any skill instantly. That includes knowledge and muscle memory,” said Erin Way. “The only downside is that she has a bit of a memory problem. So after about a month or so, she’s losing memories of the past. So while she retains the [abilities], she can’t remember how she learned them…or where she came from.”
While doing an interview for TVOvermind to promote her arrival in the show, Erin Way discussed her relationship with other Alphas and mentioned her meeting with Summer Glau, who plays Skylar Adams.
Alphas' second season will feature Sean Astin, Lauren Holly and Summer Glau (a.k.a. Skylar Adams) as pivotal guest stars. I was curious if Erin shot many scenes with Glau, and if they'd talked about being former ballerinas? "We've talked quite a bit about it. We've worked together now for a little bit and I'm enjoying it immensely. I met her for the first time several weeks ago and was extremely excited because I'm a giant Firefly fan. She's one of the sweetest, most kindest girls that I've ever met in my life. She's a lovely, lovely soul. At one point, someone mentioned that she was going to go do a benefit for some ballet company and that was the first I heard about her ballet background. If I'd really observed her body, though, I would've guessed (it) because she definitely still carries herself like a dancer." Continuing, "We've had lots of conversations about our favorite ballets and what we love about it. We both have very similar reasons for choosing not to continue with it too. Just last night we were joking about various combinations that you have to do across the room in ballet class: which ones we hated and which ones we enjoyed. We have that very much in common."

Alphas - Erin Way on meeting Summer Glau

Read full interview 'Alphas: Malik Yoba and Erin Way Discuss Kat's Introduction Tonight!' at TVOvermind
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 07 Aug 2012, 00:36 GMT

someone mentioned that she was going to go do a benefit for some ballet company

I guess they're talking about The Dizzy Feet Foundation’s second annual Celebration of Dance gala.

  Message #2 | Alex | 07 Aug 2012, 02:47 GMT

That's interesting - thanks for posting it. I find it odd that she is a Firefly fan and yet did not pick up earlier on Summer's ballet training. I suppose it is understandable though. Like most fans, I took awhile to become aware of her but once I reached a tipping point (for you math types, an inflection point), I began to learn more and more about her work which was helped, I might add, a lot by this wiki!

It is almost 9:00 PM here in Toronto. In another hour, I will be tuning in to see Episode 3 of Alphas.

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