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Summer Glau as Skylar Adams in Alphas


Syfy has released the schedule for Alphas season two episodes, including episode 2.06 titled 'Alphaville', inwhich Summer Glau will make her first appearance in the second season (the two other episodes being the two finals episodes).
The Syfy Premiere of episode 2.06 'Alphaville' is set on Monday, August 27th at 10pm.
Synopsys :
A tech whiz (Summer Glau) helps Rosen (David Strathairn) learn the purpose of an Alpha-enhancing technology
Guest stars include Summer Glau, Steve Byers, Kaniehtiio Horn, John Pyper-Ferguson, Elias Toufexis and Skyler Wexler.
Source : Syfy schedule
You can see Skylar Adams sharing a scene with Dr Rosen in this promo photo for 'Alphaville'.


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Not that it is new but at least it's official.

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