Alphas episode 8 A Short Time in Paradise Promo
Alphas "A Short Time in Paradise” episode 1x08 August 29 at 10pm on Syfy .

Alphas Episode 8 A Short Time in Paradise promo video

Alphas : Episode 108 'A Short Time in Paradise'

Synopsis : "A dangerous Alpha cult leader bewitches Hicks and Nina. Guest starring Garret Dillahunt. Alphas
Monday at 10/9c."

The team encounters an Alpha who is the leader of a cult and has the ability to obtain his followers' complete obedience; Doctor Rosen and the rest of his team must find a way to save Hicks and Nina after they fall under the Alpha's spell.

Guest star Garret Dillahunt (Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Raising Hope).

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