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The production of Alphas season 2 begun on March 30, 2012 in Toronto. The season will consist of 13 episodes and is slated to premiere on Syfy on Monday,  July 23, 2012 at 10pm. has collected the latest informations on the first eight episodes of Alphas season two. Here are the spoilers on episode six called "Alphaville" in which  Summer Glau is rumored to guest star.
As the title says, the team finds a community of alphas in this episode. They filmed it in the woods somewhere. No cell phone signals for Gary.
Guest characters include Skylar Adams (Summer Glau) and her daughter, Alphaville founder Claude, an alpha called Benji who has the same ability as Rachel, Gower, another alpha who likes to play with electricity, and Bip & Tricia, Mr. Scipio's new friends.


Notice that there is still no official press realese or confirmation that Summer will be in this episode. Alphatv is known to post accurate information, but this should still be considered a rumor until we know more. 

Alphas will also be shown in Canada at the same time on the SPACE channel.


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  Message #1 | Fermi | 30 May 2012, 11:41 GMT [Entry]

I added a line saying that this is not official news, yet. We don't know for sure Summer will be in this episode. Elias Toufexis an actor tweeted that he worked with Summer all week a couple of days ago.

  Message #2 | REG | 30 May 2012, 13:01 GMT [Entry]

interesting info. thanks Fermi.

  Message #3 | meanoldmoe | 10 Jun 2012, 16:16 GMT [Entry]

You can also add that Alphas will also be shown in Canada at the same time on the SPACE channel !!
The series got heavy promotion from SPACE as it is filmed in Canada and has some Canadian talent involved in it too.

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