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UHQ Production Still from Alphas 'Catch and Release'

I updated the photo gallery with a new/old UHQ production still from episode 1.07 "Catch and Release" of Alphas. In the - now in UHQ - picture, Summer Glau (who plays Skylar Adams) and Laura Mennell (who plays Nina Theroux) say hello (and goodbye) to Bob. Enjoy!


UHQ production still from episode 1.07 'Catch and Release' of Alphas, with Summer Glau as Skylar Adams and Laura Mennell as Nina Theroux.
Watch more production stills from Alphas season one in the Gallery.
In "Catch and Release", Summer appears as a rogue Alpha with a knack for making stuff out of anything at hand.  A sort of super-MacGyver.  But her stuff is much cooler than Richard Dean Anderson could ever imagine.  And she has a past with Doctor Rosen’s team.  Now she’s on the run, and it’s up to our team of Alpha heroes to bring her in.
She’s not mentally unbalanced, coldly emotionless, one-dimensionally kick-ass, or even a psychotic genius this time.  She’s just a brilliant and gifted woman on a mission.  This episode is a roller-coaster ride from the start, you shoud really watch it if you haven't yet.
Thanks to our friend John from Laura Mennell Fans for the find. And as if it wasn't enough, John has a little surprise in store for all Summer Glau and Laura Mennell fans. Stay tuned!

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Best of TV 2012 Nominations

Best of TV 2012 Nominations
31 Dec 2012
Summer Glau is in the running for 'Best Guest Star' for her role as Skylar Adams in Alphas in the Buzz Focus 'Best of TV 2012' Awards.
You can also cast your vote for Syfy's lineup ( Being Human, Alphas, Warehouse 13, Sanctuary, etc) in the 'Best Bang for your Buck Cable Network' category.
It's time to get your vote on for Summer Glau and end the year 2012 on a positive note.