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All-Female version of The Expendables Should Include Summer Glau in the Short List

POSTED BY chrisdvanne ON Aug 20, 2012 / 3 COMMENTS

All-Female version of The Expendables


All-Female version of The Expendables Should Include Summer Glau in the Short List

With the release of The Expendables 2, there has been renewed interest in an all-female version. When the first film was released, two years ago, there was speculation about the dream team of kick-ass females. Amongst those calling for this re-imagining was the website screenrant. Admittedly, their list included much older female actions stars that would match the all-male cast.
Fast forward to today and there are renewed calls for a female version but with a twist. The twist is that there is widespread interest amongst fans in not just older action stars like Sigourney Weaver and Helen Mirren but also younger ones such as Zoe Saldana, Gina Carrano, and of course Summer Glau.

This time, Hollywood is listening and they have begun talks to assemble an all-female cast for a standalone version that would take place in a separate universe to Stallone’s team. Because it has been a banner year for female-driven action films (The Hunger Games, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Haywire), it is easy to see why Hollywood is so interested in finding another vehicle for this type of film. Executive producer Adi Shankar has hired the writer Dutch Southern to write a screenplay and talks are underway with major female action stars.
Realistically, Summer does not perhaps have the draw that Charlize Theron, Mila Jovovich, or Angeline Jolie would have but we think that as part of an ensemble cast Summer could bring a lot to the film. Summer always brings her A game as we saw in Firefly, Serenity, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. And of course Summer is a favourite of Joss Whedon who said at the 2012 SDCC, “The amount of vulnerability and strength she can convey is beyond magnetic.” Surely Joss Whedon’s support for Summer, both behind the scenes and publicly, would be important for the producers and it would surely be a draw for all the The Avengers fans not all of whom know who Summer is.
The fan carpet has also Summer Glau in their wish list, as well as action heroines Linda Hamilton, Cynthia Rothrock, Sigourney Weaver, Carrie Ann Moss, Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano.
So, who else would you like to see in the all female version of The Expendables? What sort of character would Summer play in that cast?
Alex and I teamed up to write this news.

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Total comments: 3

  Message #1 | Kevin Wales | 2012 Aug 20, 20:55 GMT

The very last sentence is the one that I would like to answer, if she were given a role in that film. (I don't actually know what the film Expendables is about but I'm sure it is akin to Charlie's Angels without Charlie (thankfully)).
Summer is good at storing technical words in her noggin. I believe she could be a good technical gal, if that is what the film calls for. She appeals to me as a good calm speaker, a bit like Cameron was. Her I don't like to think of her doing lots of shouting. Her Human Preservation Project talking to the camera impressed me.

  Message #2 | KevinInEngland | 2012 Aug 21, 01:11 GMT

Guys, I can't believe I am still calling Summer by the name Cameron. Here goes my thoughts.
I don't really know anything about the expendables but I suggest it is about kickass guys putting right many wrongs that can't be handled by the authorities. Am I right? A bit like male Charlie's Angels without the Charlie? *thankfully*

I do think Summer would be ideal for a role in a film like that but not exactly as a kickass girl. Her knowledgeable lines in series like The Cape, Dollhouse, Terminator, Alphas, would make her ideal as a techy kinda girl. Her noggin is very clued up when it comes to lines about computers/chemistry/fixing things. Her Human Preservation Project speech in to a camera was pretty impressive, to say the least. She would be a good asset and could still be fit enough to handle herself in an emergency.
I prefer her when she talks her way through a series as oppose to shout. It seems to suit her more IMO. More adult.

(I wish I could stop calling her Cameron by mistake sometimes).

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Aug 21, 08:44 GMT

I still haven't watched the two Expendables movies myself and i agree with your comment.
If Alex and i have released this article, this is not because this is our dream role for Summer Glau; this is because there's an opportunity for Summer to at last enter the A-list in Hollywood.

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