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Actions Figures of Cameron in TSCC

POSTED BY chrisdvanne ON Nov 11, 2011 / 0 COMMENTS

There is no Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles action figure on the market to my knowledge; given the serie was not successfull and long lasting enough, toy manufacturers and retailers estimated there was no market for action figures. Still, you can find hand-made (fan-made) products on the net, often assembled from various other action figures.

Pictures from the same collections and more can be found in the gallery : Creativity Section - Action Figures

TSCC : Custom Action Figures by roxybisquaint

roxybisquaint is a dedicated and talented fan who made herself a complete collection of TSCC characters.

Cameron Action FigureCameron Action FigureCameron Action FigureSummer Glau with TSCC Cameron action figure at Dragon Con 2010

Here they are at long last... my custom Sarah Connor Chronicles action figures. I've made custom figures from 3 3/4" GI Joes before (which is what these are made from), but never anything this involved and never figures that were supposed to look like existing characters. It was a challenge and a half. But with a pile of GI Joe parts, a box of Super Sculpey, a Dremel Stylus with several grinding bits, lots of sandpaper, some razor blades, my trusty pocket knife, jars of paint, tiny brushes, a magnifying glass, sheer determination, gallons of coffee and a vision, I did it. And I'm really happy with how they turned out.
Source : roxybisquaint livejournal


Cameron Phillips by itchybitz


TSCC Cameron action figureTSCC Cameron action figureTSCC Cameron action figureTSCC Cameron action figure

Okay, so like I said, my Cameron Phillips bash is becoming a real drag. But I wanted to at least show the HS, the head sculpt is by Numo and painted by me. I'm fairly pleased with my painting on this one. I have, hopefully, a better body on the way so with a little luck... Btw, this is my very first female bash.
Source : One Sixth Warriors

Cameron - Terminator Custom Action Figure by argenta-2008

TSCC Cameron action figureTSCC Cameron action figure

Name: Cameron - Terminator
Toy Series: Terminator
Creator: argenta-2008
Date Added: April 27, 2010
Base Figure: Juno Eclipse
Height: 3.75 inches

Source : Figure Realm


Cameron TOK715 Custom Action Figure by blurred

TSCC Cameron action figureTSCC Cameron action figureTSCC Cameron action figure

HEAD:auction(hand maid)
JEANS:auction(hand maid)
BOOTS:CG dissection
Source :
One Sixth Custom Figure
The head of this action figure has been modified by tamatsubaki, another member of, while original maker blurred has provided the clothing and the weapons; the look is completely different from the first version but will probably seem familiar to members of (it was Fermi's avatar for a long time).

TSCC Cameron action figure

More Infos and updates on the Forum : Cameron Phillips in TSCC - Action Figures
See also the thread dedicated to Firefly : River Tam in Firefly/Serenity - Action Figures

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