A Conversation With Summer Glau at ECCC 2012

In honor of the first day of Summer, Emerald City Comicon has released the official video of Summer Glau's panel at this year convention in Seattle, on April 1st 2012 (we saw the panel from other non official souces though).



Some of the things we learned during this interesting panel :

  • No more Summer on Grey's Anatomy. At least not this season.
  • Summer will make another guest appearance on Syfy's "Alphas". Also, she said the tattoos she had on were fake.
  • Summer revealed she auditioned for a part in "Black Swan", but then, the character got cut in the pre-production stages.
  • If TSCC had been renewed for season 3 Summer would have played Allison mostly and Cameron in flashbacks.
  • Summer also confirmed that she's not on Twitter but she disclosed a new fanmail address.


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  Message #1 | REG | 08 Jul 2012, 08:17 GMT [Entry]

thank you for this! i have wanted a better one though i haven't had time to search but now i don't have to!

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