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A Closer Look at Summer in Arrow "Streets of Fire" Trailer

POSTED BY chrisdvanne ON May 06, 2014 / 0 COMMENTS

The CW's promotional images for the "Streets of Fire" episode of Arrow do not contain any signs of Summer Glau as Isabel Rochev/Ravager. However, there's a lot of exciting stuff in the extented promo trailer that The CW has released for Wednesday night’s new Arrow episode “Streets of Fire”, including the return of John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn and also two separate Summer Glau sightings.
Let's take a closer look at a few screencaps from this new trailer, in which you can get a few glimpses of Summer Glau as Ravager, and see what we the future brings for her character. Warning, this blog post may contain spoilers.

Summer Glau as Ravager in Arrow 2x22 Street of Fire promo trailer

At the begining of the video, you can see Summer without her Ravager mask, with two swords strapped to her back (screencap above). The important thing is that she's not wearing her "Ravager" mask, which suggests she's not outside in the open; It looks like Isabel stands in front of a glass, maybe at Queen Consolidated.  All the more so like Oliver, she actually has every interest in keeping her "superhero" identity a secret (even if Oliver is not very good at that lately). If the CEO of Queen Consolidated is seen killing people in the streets of Starling City, that doesn’t bode very well for the rest of the company. As an aside, Summer Glau looks more badass without the mask imo.
It is also interesting to note that in the video, Isabel is first seen from the back and turns around slowly, as if someone was calling her. What if Isabel was hallucinating, and she was responding to someone who is not really there; it would make sense since every person who has been injected with the mirakuru serum seem to have hallucinations of people they have a strong emotional attachment to (Shado in Slade's case and Thea in Roy's). Would Isabel hallucinate Robert Queen, the man who she claimed to be her soul mate, as suggested MattM in the forum? Or maybe an evil version of Moira Queen, who was her rival in Robert's heart; one has to remember that the DC Comics version of Isabel Rochev wears Moira Queen's wedding ring.

2x22 Street of Fire promo trailerDiggle and Ravager in the middle of a death fight in Arrow 2x22 Street of Fire

Then starting at 0:15 of the video, you can see Diggle and Ravager (well, mostly their stunt doubles) in the middle of a death fight. The last images show Ravager pointing her sword at a Diggle who is lying on the ground, and it looks like she's ready to throw a fatal draw at him. I have to say, Diggle doesn't stand a chance in a fight against a mirakuru-enhanced Isabel, all the more so we learned in episode 2.19 "The Man Under The Hood" that Slade trained her: "Slade Wilson put me through hell. His training nearly killed me. Would I put myself through all that just because I was a jilted lover?".
And now the question is: will Diggle be killed? Well, Diggle is featured with Oliver, Felicity and Laurel in the promo imgages for the episode, so it might suggest he survived his encounter with Ravager. Maybe Felicity saved the day (I wonder how though). And now the question is: did Ravager survive? In other terms, is this the end of Summer Glau's recurring role in Arrow season 2? Guess you will have to watch Wednesday's episode to find out.
Meanwhile, don't forget to answer our poll: Will Isabel Rochev be killed by the end of the season?
Feel free to share your thoughts about these screencaps and speculate about what will happen to Summer Glau's character. 
You can watch the actual trailer itself in a previous News.
Don’t miss Summer Glau (for her last appearance on the show?) in this episode – the next to last one for Season 2 – Wednesday on The CW at 8pm!

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