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Emily Bett Rickards talks Isabel Rochev

The Hollywood Reporter has published an interview with Emily Bett Rickards where she talks about her character Felicity Smoak, her relationship with Summer Glau's Isabel Rochev, her relationship with newcomer Barry Allen/The Flash and more.
Emily Bett Rickards talks Felicity and Isabel Rochev relationship
Emily Bett Rickards says that Felicity and Isabel Rochev
"are not going to be friend".
You can find an excerpt below:
Now Isabel is in the picture at Queen Consolidated. How has her presence affected Felicity?
Having another woman who's really extremely strong, and on top of that she's cutthroat -- there's no bullshit with Isabel -- it creates more work at Queen Consolidated and Isabel doesn't know that they're vigilante-ing downstairs in the Glades. Felicity has to do her job as an assistant at Queen Consolidated. Not only is she tracking down villains in Starling City and trying to save the city with Oliver, she's filling out papers and dealing with clients. (Laughs.) Having Isabel there as a new partner, there are changes happening in the company that Felicity wasn't prepared for. Felicity says when Oliver gives her the title of assistant: "I didn't go to school for secretarial arts." (Laughs.) She just gets more work and Isabel's tough. She's a tough broad.
Are they enemies or are they friends?
I think Isabel's a hard person to get along with because she's very business-y. I say that with respect, and I think Felicity does respect her because she is very snappy and quick and makes decisions fast. But they're not going to be friends. (Laughs.) (Summer Glau told THR that there may be a hint of jealousy on Felicity's part. To read this interview, click here.)
Read the complete Interview at THR.
Don't miss the return of Summer Glaun as Isabel Rochev this Wednesday at 8pm on the CW.
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