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Inside the Box Finds a Distributor

Inside the Box finds Distributor The team behind 'Inside the Box' started working with the distribution company Marvin&Wayne Short Film Distribution.
'Inside the Box' is one of the films they selected this year and with their help they will screen David Martin Porras short in as many film festivals as they can, starting with the official premiere at the 58th edition of the International Film Festival of Valladolid (Seminci) from 19-26 October 2013.
Hopefully you will have the chance to see it in a big screen near you very soon.

The following still featuring Summer Glau and Wilson Bethel during the intense bedroom scene in 'Inside the Box' made it as the profile image for Marvin&Wyne Distribution a few days ago and shows how 'Inside the Box' is a pitch perfect of film noir.
Summer Glau and Wilson Bethel in an intense bedroom scene
The sexual tension between Summer Glau and
Wilson Bethel characters might be a consequence
of what is hidden inside the box.
Inside the Box is going to be screened at film festivals, and hopefully all fans will be able to see it when it will be available by VOD and DVD at a date to be determined. If you haven't already, check out the extended behind the scenes video released a few weeks ago. It contains new images from the cast and crew and will give you a good idea of all the work the whole team put into this film.