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The Story Behind the 'Mystery Meal' Photo Op with Summer

Each convention brings its fresh share of photo ops with Summer Glau. Since they're made directly at her signing booth, you don't always get top notch quality but each time it's an unforgettable moment for the fans who are lucky enough to meet Summer. For the fans who could not attend the convention, watching these photos is a way to participate to the event after all and makes you feel you belong to a community of fans.
Anyway, one of the first photos from the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con that surfaced online caught my attention; the picture shows Summer Glau and a fan, named Ant, holding cans with no labels. Ant looks as if something went wrong, while Summer has a funny, innocent expression on her face, see for yourself:
Mystery Meal Photo Op with Summer Glau
Summer Glau & Ant holding cans with no labels. River did it again!
I was intrigued and I must say that I didn't get the nod to a Whedon tv show at first sight (even if Ant’s Fruity Oaty bar t-shirt was an indication). It's only when Ant put me on the right trail that I was able to get the nod to a scene in Firefly episode four titled 'Shindig', when River Tam, experiencing another of her manic outbursts, frantically shreds the Blue Sun labels of the canned food supplies.  
As our member Cegorah said, this is a "Good, awesome, scary, spooky scene - all at the same time, just like so many scenes with River". Here's a gif from the scene:
River Tam removes labels from the cans
Back to the story behind the photo op. In Ant's own words:
Summer's reaction was so adorable when I pitched her the idea. She was so willing to oblige.
Mystery Meal photo op with Summer Glau
Summer Glau is all smile when Ant pitch her the idea of
the 'Mystery Meal' Photo Op.

Rehearsing the "Mystery Meal" Photo Op. I think she likes it!
Mystery Meal photo op with Summer Glau
Summer Glau smiles when Ant makes a face for the
'Mystery Meal' Photo Op.

But there's more to come. Ant has made more than 100 photos of his Summer Glau experience and agreed to share them with us, so stay tuned for more! A huge thank you to Ant (@Spidey_Ant) for his imagination and sense of humor.

Category: Summer Glau

Arrow Spoiler: Felicity got Oliver's back

We knew from the Arrow season & & 2 sizzle reel shown at this year Comic Con that Felicity Smoake is present in every scene with Isabel Rochev and Oliver Queen (see screencaps below). More, Arrow writers confirmed that scenes between Emily Bett Rickards and Summer Glau "were coming". And of course everyone is wondering what the dynamic between the Isabel, Oliver and Felicity will be.
Felicity is present in every scene with Isabel Rochev and Oliver Queen
Felicity is the blurry blond thing
standing in the background.
Felicity is present in every scene with Isabel Rochev and Oliver Queen
Felicity is on the right, wearing
a (revealing) blue dress.

Well, Emily Bett Rickards has lifted the lid a bit on some of the interactions between the three of them in a video interview from Comic-Con (funnily enough, her Arrow co-star Colton Hayes says jokingly to Emily that she might have revealed too much).
Emily Bett Rickards and Colton Haynes Talk Arrow Season 2 at San Diego Comic Con 2013 - some Season 2 spoilers are talked about, so be warned!
The part on Summer Glau's character starts at 6:45 of the video:
Interviewer: What kind of interaction is coming with Summer Glau’s Isabel Rochev?
Emily Bett Rickards: “Summer is so fantastic, she really is. Isabel comes in to Queen Consolidated. Felicity still works at Queen Consolidated, and we get to see her sort of exercise or stage a meeting between Isabel and Oliver, in hopes to protect Queen Consolidated,” Emily reveals.

On the same topic, you can read: Arrow Producers on Summer's role and more.
And now I hope everyone is even more excited to watch the snappy scenes between Isabel, Oliver and Felicity (and Diggle) on the second season of Arrow, premiering on Wednesday, October 9 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.