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Firefly Trading Cards: Episode Cards

Inkworks released on May 2006 'Firefly: The Complete Collection Premium Trading Cards', a 72-card set based on Joss Whedon sci-fi television series, Firefly.

Joss Whedon captivated viewers with a unique sci-fi western with intriguing characters and an innovative visual style. First a broadcast serie, it continued to gain loyal audience with its DVD offering and feature film sequel. Now re-live all the excitement of these original 14 episode, as Captain Reynolds and his eclectic, adopted family of outcasts take on the challenges of a galactic frontier.
Find below scans of the Firefly episode cards featuring Summer Glau as River Tam:

Firefly Trading Cards: Episode CardsFirefly Trading Cards: Mysterious stowawayFirefly Trading Cards: Eluding the AllianceFirefly Trading Cards: Simon and River are abducted by fearsome locals who desesperately need a doctor

Firefly Trading Cards: Doctor or delivererFirefly Trading Cards: Even as Simon treats the local population, River is accused of being a witchFirefly Trading Cards: Bringing River backFirefly Trading Cards: River displays some remarkable shooting skills

[Firefly trading cards]

You can watch the eleven character cards (front and back) in a previous Blog post.

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A stunning Summer at San Diego Comic Con

An amateur photographer was lucky to be in the right place and time and took this awesome backstage shot of a glowing Summer Glau at the Knights of Badassdom panel during the 2011 San Diego Comic Con on July 23, 2011.
twistedleon was kind enough to share with us his photo published in his Flickr photostream and added a few words on the circumstances inwhich the photo was taken:
I'm a amateur photographer. I do it as a hobby and I just got lucky. I've been very fond of that photo and I wish I could have got more of Summer but it was chaos around her. She was shoved away by security and then everyone scattered. That's how it is at comic con sometimes. So really thanks for your interest. 

Summer Glau at the Knights of Badassdom panel at 2011 San Diego Comic Con

Watch more photos of Summer Glau at SDCC 2011 in the Gallery.

Many thanks to twistedleon for proving that talent and a bit of luck can work wonders and for allowing us to share his photo with the fans.
Thanks to StralforsBoyo for the heads up about the photo.