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Polaroid Portrait

Portroid is a site specialized in candid Polaroid portraits of celebrities, autographed while the photo develops. The photos are taken at various events such at conventions or premieres.
Since 2003, they have gathered an impressive collection of several hundreds Polaroid portraits, including one with Summer Glau, taken at StarFest Convention 2010 in Denver, CO.
In their own words, here's how they got their portroid with Summer Glau:
Summer Glau was the most popular guest at the convention and had lines that snaked around the event hall. She went from the autograph booth to the photo station back and forth most of the day and with a smile for every guest. I was able to get this photo in the tiny window between one of these transitions, and as she had been with everyone else, she was very nice to me (as, I should say, were all the guests. Very gracious and friendly and seemingly genuinely happy to be there). Summer played River Tam on Firefly/Serenity and was also on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (as well as many other shows).

Polaroid Portrait of Summer Glau at StarFest Convention

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