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Casting Shot

We have acquired a casting shot featuring Summer Glau at the very beginning of her career. The incredibly long hair, being very slim and the loose jeans might make her look more like a kid than she was.
This type of 8x10" photo is usually sent out by the actor’s talent agent to get them a job on a TV show or movie. Summer Glau's resume was stapled to the back of it (the staple marks have been digitally removed). A resume consists of Film & TV credits, Theatre, Special Skills, Training. Depending on the experience of the actor, some resumes will be more thorough than others. The only contact info is management and agencies. No personal contact info! (See a previous News: Agency headshot photo).
Casting shot summer glau
Casting shot of Summer Glau.
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Given that Summer Glau was still in the early stages of her career, the resume includes a "Special Skills" section at the bottom of the page - Roller Skating -. lol -. Similarly, her resume mentions "Commercial", which we were able to get an example recently (See a previous News: Nike Tango Spec Commercial).

Agency Photos

Side note : this agency photo and the accompagnying resume have been bought on ebay from a seller specialised in agency photos of actors.