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Illustration for Poetry Book

This lovely drawing featuring Summer Glau as River Tam is taken from the LOVE HAIKUS book of Carljoe Javier, illustrated by artists Ana Micaela Chua and Dark Chapel.

Credit: Ana Micaela Chua

Love Haikus, Carljoe Javier's first poetry book, collects twenty-one awkward professions of love for twenty-one awkward geek chicks throughout his thirty years of geekhood. From computer console childhood crushes (Princess Peach from the MARIO games, Chun-Li from STREET FIGHTER, Samus Aran from METROID) to television's total vixens (30ROCK's Tina Fey, FIREFLY's Summer Glau, MYTHBUSTERS's Kari Byron) to the X-rated Galateas of the XBox Generation (MASS EFFECT's Miranda Lawson, HALO's Kortana, KOTOR's Bastila Shan), Javier propels his immense manliness towards a spread of all the geek chicks he'd loved before, all lovingly rendered in full-color by Ana Micaela Chua and SilentSanctum Manga Family's Dark Chapel, with an introduction by Florianne Jimenez and an afterword by Mabi David.
You can download the book for free at flipreads (if you don't want to register, here's a direct link to the book in pdf format)