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New TSCC Stills and Behind the Scenes Images

The gallery has been updated with new HQ production stills & behind the scenes images from episode 1.09 "What He Beheld", the season finale of the first season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
Summer Glau and Lena headey hit the peak of their beauty during the shooting of TSCC imo, enjoy these great pictures.
Stills Season 1Stills Season 1Stills Season 1
Stills Season 1Stills Season 1Stills Season 1
Stills Season 1Stills Season 1Stills Season 1

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Mammoth - Trailers and Making Of

Syfy's original movie Mammoth (2006) is a great movie, full of little and big references to genre classics. The people who made this movie obviously love the genre a lot, and in turn have created one of the most entertaining B-movies of the past few years.
People who love B-horror movies know what to expect when the movie stars a Zombie Mammoth that has been activated by Space Aliens to destroy MANKIND! They don't expect to see an horror movie with great special effects.
It's not meant to be a deep film but fun with a capital F. If you like Summer Glau, you should also watch it, she's really cute in it. If you don't believe me, watch her scream and run like a girl. It's a real hoot and she obviously enjoyed making it.

Summer Glau in Mammoth

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I have gathered together different trailers for Mammoth, including one in French, as well as behind-the-scenes videos taken from the DVD Extras, including interviews with the cast and a look at the visual effects.



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