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TSCC Season 2 - Sizzle Reel

TSCC Season 2 - Sizzle Reel
10 May 2013

Summer Glau, Shirley Manson and showrunner Josh Friedman attented WonderCon San Francisco 2009 on March 1st to promote the second season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Josh Friedman assembled especially for the convention a four minute sizzle reel, featuring significant spoilers from the second season’s final six episodes. This action-packed clip was screened in front of the 3,500 fans in attendance.

Check out the sizzle reel unveiled at WonderCon 2009:

The final images of the teaser trailer (was it a coincidence?) were heavily discussed among the TSCC fandom when fans in attendance mentioned it. John was lying on top of Cameron, and it looked like they were about to kiss (Of course we know better but one has to remember that the video was not available back then).

Summer Glau at WonderCon San Francisco - March 1st 2009Summer Glau at WonderCon San Francisco - March 1st 2009Summer Glau at WonderCon San Francisco - March 1st 2009

[Summer Glau at Wondercon 2009]

And read what Blogger Charlie Jane Anders had to say about it for
The final six episodes of Sarah Connor season two will be a crazy ride, judging from the clip reel we saw. And producer Josh Friedman explained exactly what went wrong with the lackluster two most recent episodes.
And then there's just some bugfuck action, with Summer Glau walking and shooting with her face torn up. And some glimpses of Jesse on board her nuclear submarine (with the Terminator captain) in the future, and someone talking about her being in a tin can under the ocean. And Sarah Connor defibrillating herself. And lots and lots of gunplay. And Sarah holding a Terminator arm. And lots and lots of people crying (including Riley) and then some voices singing the Scottish folk song "Donald Where's Your Trousers", including a child's voice.
And then there's a shot of John Connor in bed with Cameron - and John is lying on top of Cameron, and it looks like they're about to kiss. Dude!
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