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Quotes from various interviews

Thomas Dekker and Summer Glau had great chemistry on screen as they played respectively John Connor and his Terminator protector Cameron in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series. There is obviously an attraction between John and his cyborg companion, and John must struggles with his feelings for Cameron.
But they're also good friends in real life and their friendship and complicity shows when interviewed.
Summer Glau and Thomas Dekker chemistry
Here are quotes from various interviews with Summer Glau and Thomas Dekker:
Interviewer: You guys are a totally hot scrunchy couple, you should go out. I think there's something going on behind the scenes.
Thomas: I think I'm moodier than Summer. I've never seen Summer moody.
Summer: Thank you honey.
Thomas: I think one day we will... we should have kids, just to see what they look like. I mean, you don't have to stay with me. We can just have some very beautiful children.
Interviewer: Summer Glau, who plays the cutest terminator yet.
Thomas: in history!
Thomas: I just loved Summer from day one. And it's funny, I feel like you and I are very different actors, like we go about things with different approaches, and yet it all kind of works together really well.
Interviewer: And Cameron, when she comes back, since we all know she is...
Thomas: Thank god.
Thomas: Oh my god, its Summer Glau! I'm a big fan!
Thomas: We really like each other in person and we get a long really well. It's definitely gotten easier since the Pilot, since we first started doing it but I love our stuff because I think that especially last year John was very rude to you often but it was to mask that he was still in love with you.
Thomas: I think what's going to keep us going is how much fun we have making this. I think if we were all miserable, we'd get a little tired.
Summer: When you're standing on a free way in January, naked
Thomas: In the snow!
Summer: and all you have is your love for each other (strokes Thomas's arm)
Thomas: and I had a lot of love, from these two (Lena and Summer) on either side. It's very nice to watch on the big screen.
Thomas: Here comes the rockstar! You sit right here next to me.
Thomas: She practices punching on me! (to Summer) Ya, & I asked you too.
Interviewer: How did you feel about the whole nude scene.
Thomas: I felt great about it!
Summer: I'm still mad about it.
Thomas: I actually helped Summer get in that outfit. (strokes Summer's arm) I tried to, got punched! Can we just say for that scene it was Albuquerque in January so there was snow and they were like getdown on the concrete. My balls were like raisins! I didn't even have balls at one point. 
Interviewer to Summer: Was Cameron sincere when she told John that she loved him?
Thomas: YES!
Summer: I can't, I can't say. That would give it away!
Thomas: Secret.
Interviewer: Do you think you're fixed?
Thomas: I knew it.
Thomas: Did somebody say hot? Cause that's *never* struck me about Summer, at all.
Summer: I'm an undercover terminator. I'm suppose to blend in and I go everywhere with him, I go to high school with him.
Thomas: and we make lots of babies!
Thomas: I don’t miss Arnold because I wouldn’t have Summer Glau [Cameron Phillips, a Terminator infiltration unit sent back to protect John Connor and Sarah Connor from Skynet]. She’s the best.
Thomas: The secret is that everyone thinks she’s very unattractive but she’s really drop dead gorgeous. Is that a secret?” Personality switch. “The secret about Summer is that she has a very very very awesome sense of humor. She plays these very serious enigmatic ‘reincarnation of Bjork’ kinds of characters, but she’s really funny, like we all laugh and she’s part of the laughter on the set. 
Summer: Thomas Dekker is a...very special person first of all. You know when I tested with him in the very beginning but we really only had two very short scenes together and so you always wonder what it's going to be like and you know we were here in Albuquerque, we were away from home so we're all sort of planted here as a mis-matched family and I do feel that way about Thomas and about Lena Headey. I-They are so talented but also great friends and really inspiring to me in our personal lives too. 
We're very different and uh Thomas makes me laugh non-stop on set, so much fun to be with and I really do feel a natural chemistry with him in a different way than I've ever with another actor. It's a special connection it's a special chemistry that I really think is going to work for what we're doing.
Thomas: Intimate moment? Well we really didn't have many, I wish we had more! 
Thomas: I can't really hear a word you're saying right now Josh, I'm a little...focused on the screen!
Thomas: Well, there's a real special scene in there that I can't wait for you to read! & you were like what does that mean and you got all nervous because I wouldn't tell you.
Summer: I really loved working with Thomas, that's what I remember most about filming this Pilot, getting to work with Thomas and Lena.
Thomas: Summer was very upset about the taking off the clothes, where as when I did my time travel scene at the end of it they had given me these flesh colored underwear to wear that were basically. I'm not going to lie they were manties! They were man-panty thong things and I said absolutely not! 
I would rather go out in front of the entire crew completely naked and that's what I ended up doing in the crouch down shot. I was just like it's more embarassing. I think that's the fundamental difference...
Summer: We're different in that way!
Thomas: between Summer Glau and the Dekker
Summer: I didn't go on there naked.
Thomas: Summer wants the gun!
Summer: Well, why wasn't I involved in the conversation?
Thomas: Because... it's good enough just to look at you!
Thomas: This is the first episode with my rad jacket that you made based of off my real one.
Summer: You kept calling met Pat Benatar the whole time and yours looks just like it!
Thomas: Your outfit in this one is totally love is a battle field!

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Interviews with the TSCC cast at Comic Con 2007

Selected bloggers were able to sit with the cast, writers and producers of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles for a series of short interviews, before they went on stage for the screening of the pilot and their panel at Comic Con International San Diego 2007.
Here's the part with Richard T. Jones and Summer Glau, published at website Comics Alliance:

Comic Con International, San Diego - July 28, 2007

Next to the table we had Richard T. Jones (James Ellison) and Summer Glau (Cameron). I think I missed the first question or two due to being in shock ... Summer was sitting next to me.
Do you find it intimidating to play previously existing characters?
Richard: I have it easier than most. While the rest have to carry the show on their shoulders. I get to walk in with an attitude of amazement at everything. I get to have lots of fun, I can't wait.
Summer: There are characteristics that are reminiscent of the original versions, but it is up to us to flesh the characters out. In a movie you have limited time for character development while with a series we can do so much more.
What can you tell us about your characters?
Richard: I am an FBI agent. I'll be honest, when my agent called and said that they were doing a 'Terminator' series I said "Why?" I didn't think it could be done right until I read the script. I like that my character brings a little more levity to the show. I am on the trail of Sarah Connor because I think she is a killer. But with the trail of dead bodies, destroyed cars and general destruction I start to think that she might be telling the truth.
Summer: I play a female Terminator sent back to protect John. I had an idea what a Terminator is, but I had never seen the movies. Once I read the script I was immediately drawn to it and knew this is what I wanted to do next.
How much training did you ave for the series and do you do your own stunts?
Richard: I like stunt doubles. I am more than happy to let them do all the dangerous work.
Summer: With movies you can take weeks to do one scene and make sure that it is perfect. We don't have that luxury. If my stunt double can do something faster and better than me, then I let her. Given the option, I want to and like to do my own stunts. With 'Serenity' I did 95% of my own stunts and I am glad that I did.
Here are more photos from the TSCC cast during these short interviews: