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Summer Glau Ethnicity and Name Origin

Summer Glau Ethnicity and Name Origin
22 Feb 2013
Many Summer Glau fans or people seeing her on screen wonder what is Summer's ethnicity and/or where does her last name 'Glau' come from. I can understand that her fans are curious where Miss Glau, with her wonderfully unique combination of traits both physical and mental, draws her heritage from so that we might better understand her. This Blogpost will give you a few answers and you may even learn a thing or two.
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Hawaii Five-0 star Grace Park mentioned Summer Glau's ethnicity in a recent interview:
Summer Glau guest-starred in last week’s episode of Hawaii Five-0. What was it like to work with her?
She was really cool. We were joking that her name was Summer G. Lau and she was actually of Asian heritage – that’s what Daniel [Dae Kim] kept saying. I didn’t know that her ancestry actually is Irish and German.
Summer Glau herself said that she was of Scottish - Irish and German origin. She has no Asian origins as some people think.
What we learn from Summer Glau's ancestry is as follows:
  • Summer’s father is of German, English, and 1/8th Swiss descent.
  • Summer’s mother is of English, Scottish, and Welsh descent.
And now a few words on Summer's last name:
"Glau" not only sounds German but is actually of German origin, as stated by Summer Glau herself and proven by Summer's father origins.
But "Glau" is definitively not the modern German word for "glow" (possible translations for glow are : Glühen, Leuchten or Glut), as most people think.
The following gives interesting hints:
According to etymological dictionary websites it is an old German word that once meant or is the root of "klug" - which means clever/astute.