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Summer Makeup Tips

Summer Glau's makeup that she wore for the American Idol season 7 finale, held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on May 21, 2008.
The products are the ones sold at the boutique featured in the video- Kalologie, probably all of their house branded products.
Makeup artist is Brett Freedman.


I know what you're all going to say: Summer is a beautiful girl and a natural beauty and she doesn't really need all that makeup on her. But you have to remember that this video was a FOX promotion; Summer Glau was walking the Red Carpet after this at the American Idol finale along with Thomas Dekker, thus the use of professionally applied makeup. Most actors have a stylist and team do their makeup and even pick their clothes for them - this is for a work event so the actors go in costume - even when it is a casual costume in this case.
See the result by yourself on these photos of Summer Glau on the red carpet at the 2008 American Idol finale:

American Idol Season Finale, Los Angeles - May 21, 2008Summer Glau at American Idol Season Finale, Los Angeles - May 21, 2008Summer Glau at American Idol Season Finale, Los Angeles - May 21, 2008

[Summer Glau at American Idol Season Finale]


Here's a short video featuring Summer Glau and Thomas Dekker at 2008 American Idol Finale:

  • Makeup can also help tell a story, as proven by the amazing results on Summer's characters on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles or on Help for the Holidays, thanks to the talent of makeup artists Robert Hall and Myke Spezzano.
  • I have lost count how many times they made puns out of Summer's name in the video. Example: Summer is definitively saying 'So long' to Winter.
  • Sorry Summer, but your sentence "I like it, especially for Summer times. It's fun." at 1:06 of the video sounds very much like a line of text prompted by the production.
  • Makeup artist Brett Freedman featured in this video also did Summer's makeup for the Firefly Reunion at the 2012 Comic Con San Diego (see photo below).

Summer Glau Comic-Con International San Diego - July 13, 2012