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Web Chat with Joss Whedon and the Serenity Cast

To mark the release of Serenity in the UK, Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau and Morena Baccarin participated in a live web chat in the Empire Online office on Thursday 25 August, 2005 to talk directly to the UK movie magazine readers. This web chat had gone on under the radar of the Summer Glau fansites until today.
Here's a photo of Joss Whedon and the Serenity cast taken in Empire Online's office, as well as the full transcript (available by the link "Read more"). It seems they had a lot of fun doing this web chat.

Web Chat at Empire Online - August 25, 2005

"You may have been there when we invited the cast and director of Serenity in to our humble office last month for an extensive webchat. You may have missed it, no doubt due to crippling illness or temporary death. In any case, here it is to admire and enjoy in perpetuity in all its glory. Learn about Joss' study with Tibetan sexy monks, Nathan's homicidal tendencies, Summer's dancing and Morena's imaginary pet here..."
Chris: Joss is now signed in. Nathan is now signed in. Summer is now signed in. Morena is about to be signed in
Nathan: Morena is slower than the other children

Joss: Hello, thanks for having me. No questions with math please

Nathan: Word everyone, word

Summer: Hi everyone!

Morena: Hi , I'm here...

Nathan: Joss, I have a question
Joss: Ask away, Nathan

Nathan: What is your greatest weakness Joss?
Joss: Nathan, you know it's you, baby

Mac: Joss, any plans to bring the cast from Serenity over to Wonder Woman?
Joss: Yes, the entire cast from Serenity will be playing Steve Trevor

DaveB: Please don't reveal any plot points but did you have any storylines worked out for Firefly's first season that ended up in Serenity?
Joss: Yes, the main plotline that was to run two years is the structure of the movie.

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