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Summer's cameo in podcast novel 7th Son

J.C. Hutchin's audiobook, 7th Son Book Two: Deceit

Summer Glau joined in 2006 the list of sci-fi celebrities who have lend her voice to a podcast novel by J.C. Hutchin titled '7th Son'. She performed the introduction for episode 13 of J.C. Hutchin's book, 7th Son Book Two: Deceit. Other Whedon-related people include Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin and Jeph Loeb but Lance Henriksen or George Takei also read the introduction for an episode.
Here's how Library Journal describes the podcast novel:
"J.C. Hutchin's book, 7th Son Book Two: Deceit. combines political conspiracy and tomorrow’s bioengineering to create an accessible package for fans of conspiracy theories and high-tech speculative fiction."
Details on episode 13:
J.C. Hutchin chats about the new Beta Clone Army Gallery, gives an update about the new MOP Mission, plays more Clone Line (206-984-2566) calls, and gets a little sentimental about the year's end. EPISODE INTRO BY: Summer Glau. THE STORY SO FAR BY: C.C. Chapman SYNOPSIS: The Beta clones leave the 7th Son facility to pursue Alpha. Gen. Hill's "very special" aircraft are revealed. A mystery greets Kilroy, Father Thomas and Jack in Texas.

Now before you get too excited about the discovery of this gem, the episode intro lasts only 3 or 4 secondes during which Summer says: "Hi, this is Summer Glau and you're listening to episode thirteen...". No kidding! I would have preferred that she reads the "Story so far" segment that lasts much longer.

I've extracted Summer's voice:

J.C. Hutchin's book, 7th Son Book Two: Deceit is available at Amazon.