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Interview for Australian Newspaper on 2006

Summer Glau a the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney

Here's an interview from the land down under with Summer Glau, published in the Sydney Morning Herald on October 25, 2006, shortly before Summer's appearance at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney on October 27-29 2006.
In this short interview, that had gone on under the radar of Summer Glau fansites until today, journalist Charles Purcell gets geeky with sci-fi icon Summer Glau.



Charles Purcell gets geeky with cult actress Summer Glau, who starred as the lethal River in Joss Whedon's cult hit sci-fi movie Serenity. She will be appearing at pop-culture expo Supanova along with Kevin Weisman (Alias), Mira Furlan (Lost) and Clare Kramer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).
What are you going to do at Supanova?
I'm going to meet the fans and sign autographs. I [will] also talk about Serenity and what it was like training for the movie and being in the movie. 
What was Buffy creator and Serenity director Joss Whedon like to work with?
One of the funniest people alive. He's brilliant. 
You did a lot of martial arts in Serenity as the heroine River. Are you really tough?
No, it's all movie magic. I did hurt some of the stunt guys [though]. I had to actually make contact. They always got blamed. If I hurt them, it was always their fault, they should have got out of the way. 
Do you ever think to yourself during these conventions, "Oh my God, get these geeks away from me"?
No, I sometimes turn into a geek myself. I was a Star Trek: The Next Generation fan. When I met Counsellor Troi (Marina Sirtis) I almost cried.
Do you collect any sci-fi stuff?
I don't collect anything, but I love watching so many sci-fi movies. I loved The NeverEnding Story. 
Did you feel cheated when it actually ended?
[Laughs] No, but I was really sad when Atreyu's horse gets drowned in quicksand. 
Do you speak Klingon? Or Vulcan?
No, I need to have lessons. 
Do you think not speaking Klingon or Vulcan would reduce your marriageability in certain galaxies?
No doubt. 
Does anyone ever ask you to marry them?
People ask me to marry them once every convention or they give me their phone numbers. I just get really embarrassed and don't know what to say. 
Will you marry me?
I don't know you very well at all.