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Александр XF on: GQ Photo shoot update

Admirator on: New candid picture of Summer

chrisdvanne on: New candid picture of Summer

Admirator on: New candid picture of Summer

chrisdvanne on: New candid picture of Summer

chrisdvanne on: GQ Photo shoot update

chrisdvanne on: GQ Photo shoot update

chrisdvanne on: GQ Photo shoot update

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10 Sexiest Android Babes - Cameron made the list!

POSTED BY chrisdvanne ON Jun 08, 2012 / 5 COMMENTS

While Charlize Theron is rumored to be playing a villainous android in upcoming movie Prometheus, website 987Jackfm has published their list of the 10 sexiest android babes from movies and TV.

Summer Glau tops the list for her role as Cameron Pilipps in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

 Cameron Pilipps in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

John Connor wasn’t the only one crushing on Cameron, the gorgeous, ass-kicking Terminator played by Summer Glau on the short-lived Fox TV series. Much like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s shotgun-wielding cyborg from the movies, Cameron was a "reprogrammed” killing machine sent back in time to protect Connor from the evil Skynet. Unlike Arnold’s Terminator, Cameron was modeled after a smokin’ hot human girl, which helped make her the show’s most popular character and also made Connor’s relationship with her a little more complicated than his relationship with the Arnie-bot.
Other names on the list are The T-X (Terminator 3), Lenore (Serenity), Pris (Blade Runner), to name a few.

Read full article at 987Jackfm

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Total comments: 5

  Message #1 | REG | 2012 Jun 08, 15:30 GMT

Cameron is a cyborg, not an android. there is a difference. a cyborg is composed of mainly metal with human looking skin, hair, blood, etc. an android is purely a machine made to look human. the "human skin" on an android is usually not that human looking or has certain inconsistencies that clearly make it look artificial.

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Jun 08, 16:08 GMT

You're right Richard but those rankings and articles are made to "fill" a website; the author took the excuse of upcoming Prometheus to make that list but the accuracy of the infos is not his main concern.

I don't mind either since it allows me to "fill" the SG Wiki too and give you another blog post to read biggrin

  Message #3 | REG | 2012 Jun 08, 16:10 GMT

yes i know they use it as filler to promote their blog. it's just that i am very touchy on the subject of Terminators and i can't help to point out the mistakes made by ignorant people.

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Jun 08, 16:17 GMT

Blazius is just like you smile

  Message #5 | Fermi | 2012 Jun 09, 00:24 GMT

Awesome it is where she belongs at the top.

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