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Firefly 15th anniversary video tribute by the original VFX team
08 Jun 2018

Watch Captain Mal and the Serenity crew aim to misbehave in this Firefly 15th anniversary tribute video made by  Zoic - the special effects studio that worked on the show back in 2002.  ... Read more

Supergirl's Floriana Lima with Summer in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
27 Feb 2018

From DC to Marvel. Supergirl's Floriana Lima, who played Alex Danvers' detective girlfriend Maggie Sawyer, has been recently added as a series regular on Marvel's The Punisher season 2. But did you know she started her career playing opposite Summer Glau in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles? ... Read more

Serenity Comic - All aboard the feels train
08 Jun 2017

For those that missed it, here's the Serenity comic published by Dark Horse for Free Comic Book Day 2016. Writer Chris Roberson pens an all-new chapter in Joss Whedon’s Firefly ’verse (in fairy tale form!), beautifully illustrated by Stephen Byrne.  The Serenity comic, titled "The Warrior and the Wind", brings to life the atmosphere and characters from Firefly in an original story, in fairy tale form. ... Read more

Con Man panel at Dragon Con 2016 - HQ photos
05 Sep 2016

Firefly's Alan Tudyk is also making the convention rounds for Con Man, his web series inspired by his fan conventions experiences. Alan - along with producer P.J. Haarsma, actor Nolan North, and mobile studio Frima employees - participated in the Con Man panel at Dragon Con 2016 on Friday, September 2. ... Read more

A Behind-the-Scenes look at the Firefly reunion at SDCC 2012
08 Aug 2016

Join us for a quick inside look at the Firefly reunion that happened at the San Diego Comic-Con International 2012. Re-live the magic with behind-the-scenes moments with Summer in the selected photos below! ... Read more

Behind-the-Scenes photos of the USS Jimmy Carter crew on set of TSCC
22 Jun 2016

Check out these cool behind-the-scenes pictures of the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles cast getting ready to lead a mutiny against Terminator USS Jimmy Carter sub captain Queeg in Season 2, Episode 18 and 19, ‘Today Is the Day: part 1 & 2’. ... Read more

Fan-made video reminds us why we love Summer

Watch a really cool fan-made video showcasing Summer's work that our dedicated member Admirator put together and asked us to share with you. ... Read more

Who Should Play Female Wolverine (X-23)?

There have been rumors going around that female Wolverine clone X-23 would make an appearance in Wolverine 3. ... Read more

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